Dell updates Concept Nyx, the gaming server for the home

Introduced for the first time to the world during Dell’s visit to CES 2022: Concept Nyx can be defined as a game server that can be installed in homes and, in this way, the latency is lower, as well as the bandwidth and responsiveness are higher. The concept is: to allow game streaming to be played directly from consumers’ homes instead of everything being done wirelessly via a remote server.

The idea was updated for the year 2023 with a new control, artificial intelligence service and greater ability to run game streams on multiple devices simultaneously. See the advances.

new control

The most interesting novelty is the control that allows activation and navigation throughout the Concept Nyx from Dell. The company placed a print reader over its line icon Alienware that can identify the person using it so that a personalized experience is delivered. It also has a microphone so that voice commands are given in a few seconds.

Control has been updated with a new design, microphone and fingerprint reader (Photo: Disclosure)

The company also recalls that, compared to the 2022 version, the controller now has haptic features that respond to games and promote haptic feedback and self-adjusting variable resistance buttons that can be customized according to specific game preferences. A rubberized omnipad is also available for better everyday use.

New controller for concept nyx, dell's game server
Control allows for full control and interactive gameplay.

The new control was developed only for the game server installed in a person’s home (if it is released on the market one day) and in demonstrations of its operation, it can be used both to play and to control video streaming applications, such as Netflix, HBO Max and Disney Plus.

A game server at your home

The idea is quite interesting, even more so if you live in a house with a lot of people. Regarding what was presented in 2022, the manufacturer pointed out that its game server can now serve up to 4 devices at the same time and it is enough that everything is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Image of concept nyx
Device can now send content to up to four screens (Photo: Disclosure)

There is no denying that the idea was developed for gamers: the main focus is to allow games that require high computational demands to run directly on a local server. It’s a process similar to who uses the Xbox Game Pass, but imagine that the games are not in the cloud, but on a game server in your home.

Another information shared by the company is that it will be possible to make the connection completely remotely, which brings greater freedom in everyday life. Will it be possible to connect the server to smart TVs, notebooks, desktop computers and more devices with screens.

Availability of Concept Nyx

Following what was said in 2022, the Dell has no plans to put the idea on the market directly. This has not been ruled out completely, but it is likely that the entire game server concept will be partially or fully leveraged in other products.

Dell updates concept nyx, the home gaming server. With no date of arrival on the general market, the concept nyx gained a new control, availability for more screens and support for voice commands. see the news
The novelty does not yet have a release date (and should not) be released on the general market (Photo: Reproduction/ARS Technica)

When questioned about pricing and launch date for its product, the company was quite clear: “this is just a concept and we don’t even know if, in fact, the Concept Nyx will be sold in the general market the way you are seeing it today“.

The idea could also be bought by other companies and a launch could happen in the future, but at least for now, the experience can be enjoyed by those who visit Dell’s booth at CES 2023.

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