Configure Email Server profile using Office 365


Created On 03/18/22 07:34 AM – Last Modified 03/21/23 19:08 PM

To Configure Office 365 in the Email Server profile


  • Palo Alto Firewall
  • Supported PAN-OS
  • Email Server Profile
  • Valid Microsoft Office 365 subscription


Go to GUI :Device > Server Profile > Email > Add > Add

  1. Name: a friendly name for the profile
  2. Email Display Name: display name of the sender (firewall name)
  3. From: email address of the sender
  4. To: email address of the recipient
  5. Additional Recipient (optional): email address of another recipient
  6. Email Gateway: Office 365 server FQDN name. Usually in the format

Note: There can be only one email address per field and it must be a valid email address existing in Office 365. It is not possible to send from or to another email provider.

Additional Information

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