Capabilities That Help Career Progression

For Abhinav* (*name changed), who had been in the mid-senior position for the past 5 years, a double promotion within 18 months was completely inconceivable. In fact, a leap like this hasn’t happened in the history of this company, one of the largest asset management companies, across the globe.

Abhinav had been to business coaches, ex-CEOs & VPs, asking for their guidance and mentoring to get to the next level in his career and to discover pivots that will allow him to build enough wealth to enjoy the same lifestyle, post-retirement. In his pursuit, while he got a lot of advice, and hopped around several learning and development programs, he recognised that much of the success would depend on how much he is able to implement. And even if he is absolutely sincere about it, for an actual acceleration to happen in his career trajectory, it would take a long time. Often, the ‘learning’ from the training and coaching programs fizzled. He found himself inevitably stuck in the loop of his usual patterns, thoughts & emotions.

As Abhinav’s pursuit for real excellence continued, and he bumped into a unique methodology and process, that got him to experience a massive upgrade in his Capabilities, Vibe, Thinking, Communication, Organising, which just got him ready for the Next BIG Thing in his life. And this was something not just he, but his colleagues, his boss, and his ex-boss also noticed. And this led to double promotion, role changes, and a pay hike of over 200% within 18 months.

In this article, I wish to share with you the Two Secrets that we leveraged to help driven individuals like Abhinav* accelerate their career trajectory and get to the next BIG League fast, without wasting crucial Life Years in trial & error!

Secret Number 1: There are Opportunities Everywhere! But are You Equipped to Identify & Leverage them?

For driven individuals to significantly accelerate their success, it’s important to identify pivots that are so unique to them, taking cognisance of their unique lived experiences, skills, and core competencies, along with their deepest desires and aspirations.

No matter the socio-economic or financial climate, there are always opportunities that can immediately change your career and, by extension, your financial trajectory.

However, the caveat is that these opportunities for pivotal breakthroughs are invisible. And they will continue to stay hidden until one experiences a pivotal change, a breakthrough in their thoughts, emotions, behaviour, and core capabilities.

Installing Capabilities, backed by Predictive Intelligence!

Each individual’s trajectory is different; while one person may need to work on Unconscious Assimilation, i.e. to learn on the job and pick up the nuances of genius traits in people around them, for another individual “Emotional Mastery” can make all the difference, i.e. getting them to evolve their relationships and find a way to grow in their career without compromising on their health or relationships etc.

There is a unique concoction to success, a unique configuration that gets an individual to grow and evolve at an unprecedented pace. And this identification requires Predictive Intelligence – to arrive at the accurate map of a person’s reality – remember, accurate and not one governed by disempowering states of fear, anxiety, anger etc. And then discover unique opportunities for breakthroughs and pivots.

Predictive Intelligence helps us arrive at a comprehensive list of all the “changes” a person needs that will get them to accelerate their career trajectory and boost their finances. All of this, without shooting in the dark or wasting time in trial and error.
In fact, just like Unconscious Assimilation, Emotional Mastery, and On-Demand Peak Performance etc, Predictive Intelligence is one of the rarest and highly significant Superior Capabilities. It is the ability to arrive at an accurate estimate of one’s life – their behaviours, emotional patterns, capabilities, hopes & aspirations, and to look at the future life consequences if their existing limiting patterns, behaviours, and thoughts were to continue. Furthermore, arriving at the strategic shifts & changes that one should experience NOW that will change their life’s trajectory! Isn’t it fascinating? A superior capability indeed, we develop this specifically for the BIG Impact Creators coming to our programs. And that brings us to the next secret to unprecedented career growth!

Secret 2: Evolve First. Results Follow

For Abhinav*, the difference that made all the difference was when people at work started perceiving him differently. There was something so fresh and new about him, that people started responding differently to him. He developed a sense of “natural authority”, charm and charisma, and he was able to naturally lead others in his presence, sans any tags or designation.
Soon, leaders at his organisation started entrusting him with new responsibilities and he delivered each time, every time, without breaking into a sweat. The double promotion was one of the most natural outcomes of this metamorphosis that had a cascading effect on his personal relationships as well.

That is the resonating effect of excellence on the lives of people who evolve from within. And for most of our participants, we design not One but 2-3 cycles of evolution in quick iterations that get them to have unprecedented growth across all key aspects of their lives: Business, Health, Family & Legacy. All Together. Simultaneously.

Commit to Personal Evolution & Raise The Bar of Excellence!

Picture this! Every individual evolves once in 10 years. That is, once in 10 years, they experience a significant shift in terms of their mindset, core capabilities, emotions and more – something that Abhinav experienced right after his first cycle of evolution.
With Predictive Intelligence, it is possible to design quick & iterative cycles of evolution for individuals to grow & evolve every 6 months or less and not wait for 10 years. That is to say, within 6 months they would have the same maturity, depth, and gravity that they would otherwise get with 10 years’ worth of lived experiences.

Thus, the writing on the wall is clear. Being committed to evolving your personal excellence is the only way for you to grow & evolve at an unprecedented pace and become irreplaceable in your industry.

Authored by Harini Ramachandran, a renowned playback singer by passion and a serial entrepreneur possessing a unique rarity in combining artistry, predictive intelligence, neuro-linguistic programming, and extraordinary business acumen along with working with thousands of people, to create Excellence Installation.

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