Best Reseller Hosting plans in Luxembourg

If you want to know how to build a web hosting business you’re in the right place. You can build a profitable web hosting reseller business with these five easy steps:
1. Create your hosting brand and define your market: White-label hosting plans make it easy for you to build a brand of your own. Find your niche, advertise, market your reseller hosting company and start earning extra income today! Plus, cPanel comes in handy for easy web management.
2. Choose a Reliable Reseller Hosting Partner: This step might seem like the easiest step, but dedicated reseller host are a dime in a dozen. LuxHosting is known for reliable, fast and secure hosting with dedicated support to solve any issues you might have 24/7. You also get the following benefits:

  • Value added reseller plans for a great price.
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Reliable hosting guarantee (Luxhosting Reseller Certified badge available)
  • Fast reseller hosting with SSD and RAID-10
  • Premium cPanel
  • Fully protected server from attacks like DDoS.
  • White label server

3. Configure website, billing and support channels: You can opt to set up a dedicated site for your reseller packages or add it to the services you currently offer. cPanel, WHM and WHMCS (optional) helps to automate and track billing making managing your business super easy. You can set up your own support and get technical support from us for your server. Most hosts offer email support then gradually add other channels like phone and social media.
4. Get your hosting clients: If you already have an established business great! You can target these clients first. If you don’t have a target market or previous clients, set up a website to target and delve in paid advertising market your ads and get new clients. This brings a common question to mind: How to market a web hosting business? Easy, Google AdWords, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are good starting points. If you have a specific location or target in mind, consider local news ads and relevant magazines. Always target websites related to your product or niche.
5. Expand and grow: Once you’ve determined your niche and you get a few clients, rinse and repeat. Always focus on growth and expand your target market to get more leads.

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