Best Cobblemon Servers in Minecraft (March 2023 )

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Minecraft players have been living out their Pokemon universe dreams in the game with the Cobblemon mod. Many have been hunting for servers that will allow them to live out that experience even further. There are indeed some servers that exist for Cobblemon so the possibility is there. This article will take you through the best Cobblemon servers in Minecraft.

Best Cobblemon Servers of All Time in Minecraft

Pokeclash Cobblemon Server

If you are looking for a server with jobs and even in-game rankings then Pokeclash will be a brilliant option for you. This is a fairly active server with lots of other players taking part in everything on offer. Not only are there different jobs but you can also get your own plot of land and more. This will be a server that could quickly become your new home for playing Cobblemon.

Server IP:

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PokeHub Cobblemon Server

With a tagline that states itself as the “best Cobblemon server”, it does indeed live up to expectations for many players. Some have noted that some of the parts can be a little pay-to-win — something to keep in mind before deciding upon this server. Nonetheless, there is a brilliant community involved with the server and plenty of game modes to keep you busy.

Server IP:

Roanoke Cobblemon Network Server

The Roanoke Cobblemon server has no pay-to-win features whatsoever. It is also split up into two servers with one being an 18+ server for players to enter. All in all, the Roanoke server is an extremely enjoyable one which has been mentioned by commenters on a Reddit thread about it too. The Roanoke Cobblemon server may rapidly rise to be one of the most popular thanks to its kind nature.

Server IP:

Complex Gaming Server

This is a highly popular server for Cobblemon as it has also been one of the prime Pixelmon servers for a while. Although it is still primary for Pixelmon and other types of experiences; there is still support for Cobblemon. The server itself will likely be one of your go-to’s for enjoying the Cobblemon mod even more with others.

Server IP:

Pokemania Server

You may be someone who prefers to have one of the cozier servers. Pokemania prides itself on being a “non-whitelist” server. This is a much smaller PvE-focused server that will allow you plenty of time to get to grips with everything about Cobblemon. You can enjoy this to a deeper level while in a friendly smaller community environment.

Server IP:

Now that you have a brilliant list of servers to visit for Cobblemon to enjoy, it is time to begin thriving with your Pokemon once again.

– This article was updated on March 31st, 2023

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