9 Best Hosting For Resellers in 2023

What To Look For in Reseller Hosting

Here are five qualities of a good reseller hosting service.


Looking for a reseller host with excellent customer support is essential.

A reseller hosting service’s support team must be able to respond to phone calls, emails, or chats with simple to complex questions.

Contact a provider to see how fast a representative gets back to you before subscribing. Ask technical questions to see how their technical staff responds.


A successful reseller hosting service should offer tested and proven uptime. While many services promise almost perfect uptime, try looking at user reviews to see if they live up to their promise.


Ensure your reseller hosting is not limited to small-time resells. If you scale your business to new heights, you want a service that scales with you.

You can learn about a service’s scalability by asking them to explain the tiers and the transition process. Ideally, you would want either unlimited or high bandwidth and storage if you plan to grow your business.


The ideal security powerhouse combines free SSL, DDoS protection, and automatic backups. If you find a hosting service that fits your needs but doesn’t provide automatic daily backups, you can do the backups manually.

Some services offer other security features like specialized cache procedures, advanced brute force, and malware blockers. You can choose dedicated hosting if you want to prioritize security above all else.


The web hosting has to fit your budget. Test out the service before paying year-long subscriptions.

Since you are reselling hosting, you should ensure your margins are big enough to make reselling worth your time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who Needs Reseller Hosting Suitable?

Reseller hosting is best for people who want to start their own web hosting business or add web hosting to their other services. These include web developers, designers, and freelancers.

What Type of Control Panel Do I Get With Reseller Hosting?

With Linux reseller hosting, you usually get cPanel. However, with Windows reseller hosting, it depends on the service.

Can I Host Multiple Websites With Reseller Hosting?

Yes. Some services limit the number of websites it supports, while others give you fixed resources for as many websites as fit.

The Bottom Line

I hope my list of the best reseller hosting options has made it easier for you to find the ideal one for your specific reselling needs.

Don’t hesitate to try out each service before committing to its annual plans to determine which is right for you.

If you work with several clients or get significant site traffic, you can improve the customer experience by taking advantage of the best chatbots for ecommerce.


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