8 Best Risk of Rain 2 Server Hosting Providers in 2023

Getting a reliable Risk of Rain 2 server hosting will help enhance your gaming experience with power-packed features and capabilities. 

First shooter games are becoming famous, and thousands of gamers are liking them. Many games are getting introduced, each with a separate format and style. This boosts gamers’ enthusiasm and thrill. 

Risk of Rain 2 is one such game that has new graphics and gameplay. It puts your skills to the test and welcomes you to a cruel alien planet where you will struggle to win the game. 

A reliable game server comes with enhanced graphics and added features. And by choosing the right server, you can get many benefits.

Let’s discuss the game and why a server is beneficial. 

What’s Risk of Rain 2?

Risk of Rain 2 is a third-person shooter game developed by Hopoo Games. This game is published by Gearbox Publishing and is a sequel to the first series of 2013. 

In this game, you must play as a survivor, navigate through multiple environments, kill monsters coming in between, and loot chests to get valuable items. This will grow your defensive and offensive capabilities. This game supports up to 4 players. 

Over time, the difficulty level increases, and you will see dangerous and powerful creatures. You need to fight your way out, escape, or continue your run to see how long you can survive. Risk of Rain 2 has a unique scaling system that allows you and your foes to increase power over the course of the game. 


Risk of Rain 2 is a tactical and roguelike third-person shooter game. It follows a close approach to the first title, where four players survive multiple levels by killing enemies. The game features several playable characters, items, and creatures from the first series of this game. It also adds, most notably, transitions and new survivors from 2D to 3D environments. 


On each level, you proceed by completing the goal of killing aliens and locating a teleporter which is placed on the same level to complete the level and move to the next challenge. The players need to defend themselves from aliens until the teleporter gets fully charged. 

When an alien dies, the player will get the experience and currency. Once enough experience is gained, the player will level up instantly. The collected currency is used to open chests or to activate drones and turrets which attack enemies or heal the players. 

This is all about the game. Let’s find out why you need a server to host Risk of Rain 2.

Why Do You Need a Game Server?

All the elements that you find in the game consume higher resources. Also, you need a high-performance system and a 24/7 internet connection to play the game. If you try doing this using a local network, the gameplay experience may not be that good. 

Troubles like lags, errors, glitches, interruptions, and more can happen at any time, which is enough to frustrate you. If you are a seasoned player, you never like such interruptions frequently. Apart from this, a server at your back helps you get some benefits. 

If you rent a gaming server for your favorite game, you will hardly face any lags but get better security, flexibility, and solid performance. 

Minimum System Requirements


You need to have the following configuration in your system to be able to play the game:

  • A 64-bit processor
  • Windows 7 or newer OS
  • 4 GB RAM
  • AMD FX-8350 or Intel core i3-6100
  • AMD HD 7870 or GTX 580
  • DirectX of version 11
  • 4 GB available storage space
  • A broadband internet connection

Now, we will look at some excellent hosting platforms available in the market for Risk of Rain 2.


Get an excellent game server from a premium hosting platform to host the game – Risk of Rain 2. Nitrado game server lets you play your favorite game from your preferred place at high speeds. It also helps you install plugins and mods quite easily.

Get complete FTP access and manage your servers seamlessly. Overall, management becomes easy, and the support system is advanced. You can get help in several languages through chat and email. 


Run your game as per your flexibility. Nitrado server is highly reliable and makes its game server available 24/7. You can easily switch between different games at any time from anywhere. Moreover, you can downgrade or upgrade your game server as required. 

In every server location, you will get DDoS protection that works 24/7 to keep your server and personal information safe. Nitrado runs daily backups to save your previously played game. It only uses high-quality server hardware, which is also fail-safe and gives high performance at zero risk. 

Rent your Risk of Rain 2 game server now and play with your friends without hassles. Get instant activation after your successful payment confirmation. You will also get a subscription and prepaid option to choose your slots or customize your configuration and start playing. 


Start your own amazing game server today with Shockbyte and get never-ending features. For seasoned gamers, it comes with full FTP access. It offers automatic updates facility so that you can play your game without any disturbances. 


Your server will be fully configurable, which lets you configure your own game server and use it at your convenience. The automatic backup option lets you resume your gameplay from a previously played game. You can choose your nearest data center for 100% uptime and a low latency guarantee.

With every server, you will find DDoS protection that keeps your server safe 24/7 from unwanted attacks. Once the payment request is completed, your server will be ready to use in minutes. Furthermore, you will get multicraft CP, server console, free MySQL DB, free subdomain, and more. 

Rent your game server today from Shockbyte at a starting price of $5.99/month with a 4-player slot option and 2GB memory. Switch between available games and enjoy your gameplay. 

Logic Servers

Take the instant setup option seriously and rent a perfect game server to kill your boredom with Logic Servers. With custom command lines and easy to use configuration editor, you can configure your game server quickly and seamlessly.

For expert gamers, Logic Servers offers complete FTP and web file manager access. The backup and restore facility is quite an attractive option for every player. In any case, you can get your saved games back online. 


Logic Servers use powerful 4 Ghz+ processors with NVMe or SSD storage. You can update your game settings with an easy one-click updater option. The robust TCAdmin control panel lets you change, manage, or update server settings at the tip of your finger. 

All the hosting plans come with complete DDoS protection so that your server is never affected. Enable mods on the game servers by following an easy guide and experience your game in a better way.

Logic Servers has data centers in different locations, including London, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York.

Buy the perfect plan for your game server and host it now to enjoy a seamless game. 


Escape an alien planet on your own or with your friends by renting a premium game server from Pingperfect. It offers automatic installation once you make the purchase. It has an easy-to-use game panel with simple configuration and intuitive design options. 

Pingperfect has a custom in-house automatic backup system that gives you full protection from unauthorized and unexpected interruptions. It safeguards your data with its robust security capabilities. For both file browser protocols and FTP, you will get complete access to transfer files to the game server in real-time, using browser and FTP programs. 


Risk of Rain 2 servers are hosted on powerful hardware using the latest processor and storage solutions. With all the game server hosting you opt for, Pingperfect doesn’t charge any amount to debrand servers. But, it offers discounts for users who choose to brand. 

Pingperfect has its own in-house DDoS protection that minimizes the risk of data deletion. With an easy switching facility, switch between available games you want to play. It comes with 1 GB of free web space that you can use for advertising the game server. 

Simple drop-down and slider menus make configuring and controlling the game server an easy task. If you have a clan of friends and you want them to manage the server, you can easily create a sub-user section for them and give them the permissions that you want. 

Pingperfect is a worldwide provider of game server rental so that you can choose the nearest location for your game to enjoy high-speed gaming and low ping. You can apply for a full refund within 48 hours of registration if you aren’t happy with your purchase. 


Rent Risk of Rain 2 gaming servers from 1GServerHost today and get a powerful server that uses a 5.2 GHz AMD Ryzen 9 Processor having 16 cores and 32 threads. You will get a 128 GB DDR4 3200 MHz dual channel and NVMe of 7000 MB/s speed. 

Get your server ready within minutes after successful registration and play with as many friends as you want with an unlimited player option. The custom control panel gives you the flexibility of changing, modifying, and updating settings according to your use. 


If you want to change your play, easily switch between available games on your server. Full offsite backups functionality is a relief in 1GServerHost that saves your information and previously played games even during a disaster. 

Options like automatic backups, restarts, and updates help you sit back and play your game without worry. If you are an experienced player, you can opt for configuration forms and access FTP and file manager. Also, you can access maps, mods, and DLCs.

1GServerHost supports Steam. It has data centers in 9 different locations. Each data center offers free DDoS protection along with cutting-edge server specifications and the best internet connection with true redundancy that you can rely on. 

Start your game server now at a starting price of $12/month.


Get one of the premium game server hostings to rent Risk of Rain 2. Whether you are a new or experienced player, GTXGaming’s control panel has various tools, such as tick to enable and drop-down menus that you can use easily to change the game settings.

GTXGaming has worldwide coverage. It has data centers in Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Oregon, Charlotte, Miami, Quebec, London, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, Moscow, Stockholm, Singapore, and Sydney. All data centers include free DDoS protection with your purchase to keep your servers online 24/7. 


GTXGaming uses a powerful Intel CPU from E3 processors to the latest i7/i9 CPUs. In addition, it has started using AMD Ryzens. If your server gets restarted, a clone backup of your items will be automatically saved to the offsite backup machine. 

Configure your requirements, choose a billing cycle, and select slot, location, memory allocation, hard disk, etc., to start your gameplay immediately. You can also choose from available add-ons to experience better gameplay. 


Rent a game server from a powerful hosting platform XGamingServer that offers virtual dedicated and Baremetal game servers for Risk of Rain 2. It provides dedicated RAM, storage, and CPU so that you get guaranteed performance. 

You will get a pterodactyl game panel that comes with powerful features. The game panel is easy-to-use and gives you complete control of the game files and server. In addition, it makes configuring cloud backups easy.


You can download backups whenever you want. Hence, data loss is never a thing now. Once you log in to the game panel, you will also get options like creating schedules, inviting users, Mod manager, MySQL databases, and more. 

Right now, XGamingServer’s data centers are located on the east and west coasts of North America, Australia, and Europe. It is expanding to other places rapidly so that you can use the game server with the lowest ping possible. 

All the game servers are hosted on the latest Intel and AMD Ryzen CPUs with NVMe SSD and more. Get high-performing servers that protect your game and information from unwanted attacks. Order a server now at a starting price of $15/month. 

Citadel Servers

Have your gaming world and set rules in it with Citadel Server hosting. It lets you fully configure your game server as per your requirement and set your admins, configuration values, and more. Whether it is manual uploads or steam workshop, Citadel supports both. 


For seasoned players, Citadel offers full FTP and game panel access so that managing and updating settings will never be too hard. In addition, you will get complete protection from DDoS attacks. With automated backups, you will never lose any data. 

Moreover, you can switch between available games on your server and install supported maps and mods. It covers the entire globe, including Seattle, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, New York, Montreal, London, Chicago, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, and more.

Deploy your Risk of Rain 2 game server now, manage your settings easily, and play with friends. 


Risk of Rain 2 is a mysterious and adventurous video game that takes you to an alien planet where you will need to survive to win the game. With a premium game server, you can make your gameplay even more powerful, convenient, and exciting.

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