10 Mordhau Server Hosting Options for Lag-Free Gaming

Mordhau game servers offer high-performance, best-in-class features, DDoS prevention, and other valuable capabilities to enable ultra-fast gaming without lags.

If ancient stories are something you like, then the Mordhau video game is your best bet.

The graphics and attributes of the game are great. It will make your fighting experience realistic by exposing you to brutal battles.

Mordhau is indeed a powerful game, and to play it, you need a high-performing gaming server from a reliable hosting provider.

This will help enhance your gaming experience without causing downtimes or security breaches.

Let’s learn more about Mordhau and how getting Mordhau server hosting can help you.

What Is Mordhau?

Mordhau is a multiplayer online video game based on a medieval hack-and-slash fighting game. This game is developed by the Slovenian studio Triternion with the primary goal of skill-based competitive customization and play.

Mordhau features hand-to-hand combat games based on historical techniques, such as redirection, alternative use of weapons, feints, etc. Other features are siege engines, mounted combat, and ranged weapons. 


In the Mordhau game, players engage in combat systems with medieval weapons, including spears, swords, hammers, siege weapons, bows, shields, and more.

Players can defeat others by utilizing several techniques like stabbing, dodging, parrying, blocking, kicking, directional strikes, and more while looking into their stamina and health bars. In addition, players can ride horses in the battles. You can play this game from a first-person perspective or a third-person perspective.

This game features:

  • Massive battles
  • Offline and cooperative play
  • Ranged and free from melee combat
  • In-depth customization of characters
  • Vast arsenal of equipment and weapons
  • Gory and visceral combat
  • Believable fights

Why Do You Need Mordhau Server Hosting?


If you wish for perfect graphics and high-performance gaming, you need more resources, stability, and advanced gaming features to fulfill it.

But if you self-host the game on your computer using your regular network, you will face problems of frequent downtimes, lagging, power cuts, etc. It’s frustrating when you are playing a game, and suddenly you face a power cut. You could lose your game.  

A reliable game server helps you play your game without any interruptions. Even if there is a power cut, your server saves your previously played game so that you can start from where you left off. Apart from this, you will get a high network availability guarantee, a lag-free gaming experience, and protection from DDoS attacks.

Now, let’s discuss some reliable Mordhau server hosting providers.

Host Havoc

Experience one of the premium game server hosting platforms – Host Havoc and play with your friends with more power and control. Whether you are a novice player or an experienced user, it offers extreme levels of utility for everyone.

You can install oxide plugins and workshop content more easily. Host Havoc maintains a high uptime by hosting its infrastructure in the industry’s best data centers, where you will find only reliable uplinks. It has strategically established its data center locations in 11 cities, providing higher network availability and reliable facilities with true redundancy. 


You will get enhanced protection from risks like UDP floods and Source Engine attacks. Its free DDoS protection functionality is available with any server you choose to rent a game server. For power users, Host Havoc comes with complete FTP access and web-based file manager access. 

Furthermore, you will get the benefit of configuring your own server’s command line before launch. Host Havoc hosts all the game serves on its modified TCAdmin v2 control panel, which is a consistent and intuitive control suite. It tailors each game template to provide you with unique installers and features. 

Choose server size as per your requirement and configure it accordingly to start playing your favorite game without any breaks. Each game server you choose comes with a 3-day money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the services, you can easily opt for a full refund. 

Survival Servers

Rent the Mordhau game server from a reliable hosting provider and get all the features you need to start your gameplay. Survival Servers is one of the most reliable servers with its excellent security, performance, and speed. 

Complete your payment process and get to play your game within minutes. Survival Servers can set up your server instantly so that you can start playing. You can also switch locations anytime, anywhere. It even offers you a web-based file manager and full FTP access.


Survival Servers’ powerful control panel lets you manage and change settings as per your requirements. You can get notifications on server restarts, stop, starts, etc. Get your hands on the latest versions of the mods and install any of the plugins to experience powerful gameplay. 

Get high performance with Survival Servers’ powerful Intel or AMD CPUs and ultra-fast NVMe SSD drives. Get vanilla servers of 50 on 50 matches by renting the Mordhau game server. You can also access third-party tools to make your gameplay even smoother. 

You can choose your nearest data center from the options – Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, France, Germany, and Singapore. In every data center, you can find robust DDoS protection to safeguard you from attacks and keep your server online. 

Configure your server and order it now to enjoy incredible graphics and gameplay. 


Ready for a game? Nitrado offers Mordhau game servers along with power-packed features. Allow Nitrado to set up your game server instantly by completing the configuration and registration process. Next, you can easily install plugins and mods from the game panel. 

You can share access with others and set permissions as per you want to let them manage your servers for you. Get convenient support in different languages via chat or email to resolve your issues and keep playing the game hassle-free. 


Nitrado uses only high-performance servers. Due to the shortest internet routes, you will get the lowest pings possible. In addition, you will find fail-safe and high-quality server hardware with the plan you choose. Switch between available games anytime, anywhere to enjoy other games in your leisure time. 

Moreover, Nitrado provides flexibility as per individual needs. You can upgrade and downgrade the game server whenever you want. It houses its infrastructure in several regions to offer high network availability. Get protection from DDoS attacks even if you are offline to secure your information. Back up your saved configs and games to never lose your hard work. 

Choose your slots or configure your server on your own to start playing the Mordhau game immediately. 


Rent a game server today from Shockbyte and experience the true power of gaming. Once you complete your order, it will make your server ready for you so that without wasting even a minute, you can start playing the game. 

With the Mordhau game serve, you will get custom maps, plugins and mods options, multicraft CP, a powerful server console, and more. Shockbyte updates your server automatically without disturbing your gameplay. 


Get the fully configurable game server to experience higher flexibility. For seasoned players, Shockbyte comes with full FTP and file manager access. Automatic backup functionality is an excellent add-on to its features as it can save your saved games and settings so that after any accident, you can restore them easily. 

Shockbyte has several data centers across the world that provide high network availability and low latency guarantee. Protect your server and personal information from unwanted DDoS attacks. Shockbyte’s self-serve also guides you in every step in case you get confused. 

Choose your plan and be ready to start playing your favorite game.


Launch your combat zone using the AleForge game server hosting platform. Are you ready for Team Deathmatch, Skirmish, Free For All (FFA),  or Frontline? Run any game mode on AleForge servers by changing settings on your own and get up to 64 players connected to the Mordhau servers. 

AleForge uses high clock speed and high-performance processors. Once you are done with the registration, you will get the game server ready within minutes. All the servers are powered by ultra-fast NVMe SSD drives.


The global network of AleForge offers actual redundancy and reliable facilities to give a 99.9% uptime guarantee for interrupted gameplay. Its easy-to-use control panel lets you manage your server settings that come with auto backups, mod installers, the option to switch locations, etc. 

AleForge has a powerful interface so that both power and novice users can use it easily. You can install plugins, Steam Workshop content, mod packs, and more. In addition, you will find automated task scheduling and a 1-click mod pack installer. 

Pay by slot or choose any plan that comes with unlimited slots. Order the game now and enjoy it with your friends. 


Get a brand new Mordhau game server by renting from the GTXGaming hosting platform and access several maps, mods, and plugins. Once your order gets completed, you will find your server ready in front of you in no time. 

GTXGaming uses powerful processors, including an i7 4.2 GHz CPU for high quality on UE4-based game servers like Atlas. It also includes SSD drives for a power play experience. You can change between games available on your server with a few clicks anytime, anywhere. 


Get worldwide coverage of data centers, including Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Oregon, Charlotte, Quebec, London, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, Moscow, Stockholm, Singapore, and Sydney. Each data center comes with enterprise-level DDoS protection. 

You can get a chance to win a reward every month by visiting GTXGaming’s competition page. If supported by the game, you can download workshop items with easy-to-use tools and install them directly to the servers with a couple of clicks. 

Elegant sliders and drop-down menus make the configuration process a pleasure. Experts can use GTXGaming’s text editors and get full FTP access to configure the game server manually. If you want another user to manage your server, you can create a sub-user and set permissions accordingly. 

Logic Servers

Experience unique gameplay with Logic Servers’ Mordhau game server hosting. It has a powerful TCAdmin control panel that lets you control your settings and update them whenever you want. Its elegant interface allows you to manage your server effortlessly. 

For power users, Logic Servers comes with full FTP access so that they can configure their server manually if they choose. In addition, its easy-to-use configuration editor lets a new player manage the server easily. 


Logic Servers’ custom command lines and easy one-click updater adds an extra touch of flexibility. It uses a powerful 4 GHz+ processor along with NVMe or SSD storage and gigabit uplinks to offer high-performance gaming. 

Choose your nearest data center from several options – London, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, and Sao Paulo. All the hosting servers come with enterprise-level automated protection from attackers. 

Select a slot and rent your game server now.


If you are looking for a dedicated game server, XGamingServer is all you need. Its game panel is based on Pterodactyl, which comes with power-packed features. The automated cloud backup functionality makes it a reliable game server. 

XGamingServer uses Amazon AWS S3 cloud storage to keep your data safe. You can download backups anytime. Thus, data loss is a past talk. It has enhanced its file manager by adding a one-click SFTP launch button so that you can install SFTP clients like Filezilla and WinSCP easily. 


Just give 5 minutes to XGamingServer, and it will show you the powerful graphics you never imagined. Its intuitive custom panel is designed for smooth performance so that you can manage your game servers on the go. 

Get complete control of your server with MySQL databases and other capabilities. You can also invite users to manage your server, create schedules, and more. There are no fixed game slots; instead, the pricing is based on the performance you require – high, powerful, or extreme. 


Get one of the reliable game servers from 1GServerHost and experience the best gameplay ever. Once your order is ready, your server will be set up instantly so that you can up and start playing the game. Get the unlimited player option and many other features with your rental. 

The custom control panel allows you to manage and change settings whenever you require it with easy-to-use options. Switch between available games just by raising a ticket. In addition, get a backup of your saved files, configs, and games. 


1GServerHost covers 9 global locations with the lowest ping. The game server comes with options like automatic restarts, backups, updates, and more. Its easy-to-use configurable editor forms allow you to configure your game server in no time. 

The game servers support Steam, all maps, DLCs, and mods. Get a high-performance guarantee with a 5.2 GHz AMD Ryzen 9 with 16 cores and 32 threads, 128 GB dual channel DDR4 of 32000 MHz, and 7000 MBps speed NVMe PCIE of generation 4.0. Additionally, 1GServerHost will protect your server from DDoS attacks and make it available 24/7. 


Experience no lags while playing your game if you have LOW.MS hosting by your side. Its game servers include a great selection of features. The sooner you complete your payment, the faster will be the server setting.


LOW.MS uses the latest Intel CPUs combined with Intel SSDs and DDR4 memory. It has the highest benchmarks for hosting game servers that include Ryzens, Xeon E-series, and Intel, with speeds up to 5.3 GHz. In addition, all the servers have 10 Gbps DDoS protection, which is the minimum. 

LOW.MS guarantees the highest network availability, quality, and performance. It has locations in Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Ashburn, London, Nuremberg, Helsinki, Warsaw, Singapore, and Sydney. You can test your ping to know which data center is best for you. 

Order the game server now and avail yourself of the 5-day money-back guarantee. 


Mordhau is an exciting multiplayer medieval-period game that takes you to a fictional yet realistic-looking battleground. Thus, choose the best Mordhau server hosting from the above list and start playing with more power without interruptions. 

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