His View: They shouldn’t be getting away with high crimes | Opinion

In the mid-Eighties, I served as command safety supervisor aboard the ballistic missile nuclear submarine USS Stonewall Jackson. My job was to make sure the secure dealing with and safety of the numerous quantity of categorized info onboard.

I used to be additionally the highest secret management officer, or TSCO, accountable for controlling all prime secret, or TS, materials. Top secret materials is “info, the unauthorized disclosure of which fairly might be anticipated to trigger exceptionally grave injury to the nationwide safety.” Top secret materials can be additional categorized as delicate compartmented info, or SCI. TS/SCI is the crown jewel of the intel world as a result of it contains the strategies and sources of the fabric.

The prime secret management officer maintains a registry for recording receipt, switch, transmission, and destruction of all op secret media, and he doesn’t have the authority himself to breed any prime secret doc.


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