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They are completely not equal: Trump’s trump it

This false equivalency must cease. They are usually not the identical. I can consider three causes they’re not the identical. 1) The sheer amount: Biden, a few dozen. Trump, within the hundreds. 2) Actions associated to discovery of paperwork: Biden instantly notified the National Archives and AG Garland. Trump lied, denied and tried to maintain the stolen paperwork. 3) What they every did with them: Biden, since they had been unknown to him, allow them to be saved at his home, which I’m certain is guarded by the Secret Service. Trump took them to point out off to his wealthy donors, and possibly offered some to his buddy, Vlad. Remember the ten empty prime secret folders that had been discovered.

— Ian Cave, Beaumont


This is nothing new

We have heard about Biden and Trump having categorized paperwork and Hillary Clinton having digital categorized paperwork on her dwelling electronic mail server. I doubt they’re the one ones. We have heard about Eric Swalwell’s affair with a Chinese spy and that Diane Feinstein’s chauffeur of 20 years was a Chinese spy. No doubt there are various spies lurking about Washington. Classified paperwork are loosely safeguarded. Access to authorities laptop methods will not be canceled when leaving public workplace. Entering this nation via the southern border is straightforward. There is important threat to our nationwide safety, but nothing is completed to resolve the issue. Our leaders fail this nation every single day.

— Debbie Owen, Rancho Cucamonga


No, they aren’t equal

I believe the most important distinction comes from the methods through which every celebration acted upon discovering the papers and the methods through which the presidents responded. The undeniable fact that Biden’s group reportedly acted instantly and reported the issue in addition to had the supplies again to its correct place the subsequent morning after says quite a bit. On the opposite hand, Trump’s group took months to easily reply to the National Archives. Overall, to reply the query of are these two circumstances equal, my reply isn’t any when wanting on the approach through which they handled it; the truth that they dealt with it otherwise makes an enormous distinction.

— Sofia Sanchez-Lopez, Ontario

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