Davis Technologies’ VPS Improves Racer Safety

Davis Technologies’ Vehicle Position Sensor, identified merely because the VPS, has confirmed itself one of the crucial superior and helpful merchandise developed over the past decade-plus, and Shannon Davis, the mastermind behind it, continues to seek out new and higher methods to put it to use in live performance with different techniques in a race automobile. 

The ultra-high-resolution G-meter and accelerometer has been used to create digital time-slips, and whilst a wheelie management machine (with an upgraded add-on), able to sensing modifications in pitch angle past an outlined charge even quicker than the driving force can. But one thing wheelie management may be taken a step additional, including new parts of security to race vehicles which might be more and more quicker and extra violent than the human enter within the seat can react. The VPS, with its blazing-fast algorithm, may measure yaw and roll, and as such, can be utilized to chop the engine energy or throw the parachutes when it senses the racecar drifting out of the groove or making a tough flip. This can doubtlessly be the distinction between dropping management of the race automobile and hitting the wall, or loading it again up protected and sound on the finish of the evening.

The VPS makes use of limits and triggers, that are user-programmed parameters for issues like facet G-forces, whole distance, roll, pitch, and yaw, pitch charge, yaw charge, and ahead G-force. These can then fireplace 12-volt or 5-volt triggers to restrict engine RPM by X quantity, minimize engine energy, launch the parachutes, and so forth.


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