MPAI Calls for New Members to Support Its Standard Developments Plans

Geneva, Switzerland, November 25, 2022 –(– The worldwide, non-profit, unaffiliated Moving Picture, Audio and Data Coding by Artificial Intelligence (MPAI) requirements creating organisation has concluded its twenty sixth General Assembly (MPAI-26). MPAI is asking for new members to help the event of its work program.

Planned for approval within the first months of 2023 are 5 requirements and 1 technical report:
1. AI Framework (MPAI-AIF https://mpai.neighborhood/requirements/mpai-aif/) Standard for a safe AIF atmosphere executing AI Workflows (AIW) composed of AI Modules (AIM).
2. Avatar Representation and Animation (MPAI-ARA https://mpai.neighborhood/requirements/mpai-ara/). Standard for technology and animation of interoperable avatar fashions reproducing people and expressing a Personal Status.
3. Context-based Audio Enhancement (MPAI-CAE https://mpai.neighborhood/requirements/mpai-cae/). Standard to describe an audio scene to help human interplay with autonomous autos and metaverse purposes.
4. Multimodal Conversation (MPAI-MMC https://mpai.neighborhood/requirements/mpai-cav). Standard for Personal Status generalising the notion of Emotion together with Cognitive State and Social Attitude.
5. MPAI Metaverse Model (MPAI-MMM https://mpai.neighborhood/requirements/mpai-mmm/). Technical Report overlaying the design, deployment, operation, and interoperability of Metaverse Instances.
6. Neural Network Watermarking (MPAI-NNW https://mpai.neighborhood/requirements/mpai-nnw/). Standard specifying methodologies to consider neural network-based watermarking options.

The MPAI work plan additionally contains exploratory actions, a few of that are shut to changing into normal or technical report initiatives:
1. AI Health (MPAI-AIH https://mpai.neighborhood/requirements/mpai-aih/). Targets an structure the place smartphones retailer customers’ well being information processed utilizing AI and AI Models are up to date utilizing Federated Learning.
2. Connected Autonomous Vehicles (MPAI-CAV https://mpai.neighborhood/requirements/mpai-cav/). Targets the Human-CAV Interaction Environment Sensing, Autonomous Motion, and Motion Actuation subsystems applied as AI Workflows.
3. End-to-End Video Coding (MPAI-EEV https://mpai.neighborhood/requirements/mpai-eev/). Extends the video coding fronties utilizing AI-based End-to-End Video coding.
4. AI-Enhanced Video Coding (MPAI-EVC https://mpai.neighborhood/requirements/mpai-evc/). Improves present video coding with AI instruments for short-to-medium time period purposes.
5. Server-based Predictive Multiplayer Gaming (MPAI-SPGhttps://mpai.neighborhood/requirements/mpai-spg/ ). Uses AI to practice neural networks that assist a web-based gaming server to compensate information losses and detects false information.
6. XR Venues (MPAI-XRV https://mpai.neighborhood/requirements/mpai-xrv/). Identifies widespread AI Modules used throughout numerous XR-enabled and AI-enhanced use circumstances the place venues could also be each actual and digital.

It is an effective alternative for authorized entities supporting the MPAI mission and ready to contribute to the event of requirements for the environment friendly use of information to be a part of MPAI (https://mpai.neighborhood/how-to-join/be a part of/) now, additionally contemplating that membership is straight away energetic and can final till 2023/12/31.

Please go to the MPAI web page (https://mpai.neighborhood/), contact the MPAI secretariat ([email protected]) for particular data, subscribe to the MPAI Newsletter and comply with MPAI on social media:
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Most vital: be a part of MPAI (https://mpai.neighborhood/how-to-join/be a part of/), share the enjoyable, construct the long run.

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