DAS vs NAS: What is the difference?

Data is important to computing, and subsequently preserving it secure is necessary. Having the information saved in a dependable trend, and with effectivity is a necessary activity. In common, as information is created it is saved on the arduous drive of the pc. However, that information is topic to loss, because it is solely current as a single copy on that lone machine. The answer to keep away from lack of the information is to have it backed up.

There are two common methods to backup (opens in new tab) that replicate of knowledge, in order that we are able to have a second copy elsewhere, in case the pc’s major drive fails, or these is one other technical problem with the pc. The first is direct connected storage (DAS), and the different choice is network attached storage (NAS) (opens in new tab). Each has its personal benefits and drawbacks, so it is price looking at the finest methods to make use of every.

What is direct connected storage?


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