If an Elected Republican Spouse Had Been Beaten at Home….

We all know what the moment American journalism response could be, the mighty wurlitzer would collect its breath and power with a tectonic would possibly by no means seen earlier than after which endlessly blast that the violent liberals are uncontrolled and bent on violence of their takeover of America.

Fox News and the New York Post would paved the way, CNN and the New York Times not far behind, all the time trying to find a brand new story on how liberalism has failed and is now lashing out. The nation would hear of nothing else for every week.

Then after all could be the moment pivot that liberal violence should imply actual American protection and the closely armed Go Brandon corps of the Republican Party would begin taking pictures at liberals or beating them up at protests.

I watched some American journalism final night time and have seen the tales at the Washington Post, the tone has been accurately horrified with requires “conservative” rhetoric to be toned down, however the story will likely be gone in 3 days. American company journalism doesn’t give a rattling in regards to the little folks, the reality or particularly what the Republicans have turn into.

They’ll scoff at the assertion of their notoriously silly both-sides brains, however any outsider would immediately see that with a reputable likelihood for Mehmet Oz and Herschel Walker to be elected has to imply one thing has gone significantly, significantly improper within the house of the courageous and the free. It’s not base stupidity of the American voter, training or Democratic Party failure, it’s the Fox News you’re-soaking-in-it propaganda machine of American political journalism.

The identical mighty wurlitzer that helped Donald Trump get elected, Hillary Clinton needed to be hiding one thing legal or sinister if we endlessly blasted a non-story about her e-mail server. Right?

I have to transfer on with my Saturday, I’ve to go to work, however I wanted to say it earlier than I tackle my day, issues would have been so very, very totally different if an elected Republican partner had been crushed at house. I’m making an attempt to remain optimistic, however solely within the American media setting may the Republicans survive, they’re violent, mendacity authoritarians who don’t have anything on fixing our issues, nothing at all because the Mississippi runs dry, guys, the assault rifles chattering away within the background as a bleating, dysfunctional journalism corps allows them.


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