Manny Montes: Look in the mirror, Democrats

The Biden administration is an unmitigated catastrophe. But Biden’s newest touch upon MAGA conservatives as being “semi-fascist” belies the true incipient, some would argue full blown, fascists are the progressive left. Biden’s unmitigated catastrophe up to now is underscored by his speech in entrance of Independence Hall. He didn’t tout his successes, as an alternative he demonized half of the U.S. inhabitants as “semi-fascist.” The message? Vote Democrat to defeat these posing a risk to our democracy. Look in the mirror, Democrats.

First, which political occasion is much extra prone to specific patriotism for and loyalty to the United States? The reply is clearly Americans who vote with the GOP. These Americans extol the virtues and foresight of our founders in making a republic and never a democracy. They know our founder’s predominant purpose in formulating our republic was for the safety of particular person rights.

Second, and most abhorrent, are the string of abuses perpetrated by the progressive left. It all started with the Obama administration. The abhorrent nature of the abuses is weaponizing federal companies towards Americans due to their political views.

Exhibit one is the IRS, beneath Lois Lerner, focusing on conservative organizations with phrases or phrases in their identify like “patriot” and “Tea Party.” In in search of tax exempt standing, the IRS paid extraordinary scrutiny to those teams for having the mistaken political beliefs throughout the 2012 election cycle. Ms. Lerner refused to reply questions, taking the Fifth Amendment and was discovered in contempt of Congress. The IRS later admitted to this focusing on, and apologized. Ms. Lerner didn’t endure any punishment, and is now on full retirement.

Next was operation choke level. The Department of Justice and the FDIC choked off monetary providers to lawful companies the Obama administration didn’t like, resembling gun resellers and coal producers. The program was a thinly veiled ideological assault on these and different industries.

In 2007, packages have been developed to focus on terrorists morphed into home spying packages whereby the NSA started capturing and monitoring Americans’ digital communications by way of the “PRISM program.” John Brennan and James Clapper denied this, and have been accused of brazenly mendacity to Congress. They have been by no means charged with perjury and weren’t held accountable for his or her direct assault on the Fourth Amendment.

In 2014, it was revealed the John Brennan’s CIA was monitoring sitting members of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee. No one concerned in the program was ever held accountable.

In 2015, Hillary Clinton was subpoenaed to protect her home-brewed electronic mail server. So what. Her electronic mail administration firm, Platte River Network, wiped the server clear. Employees despatched an electronic mail with the topic line stating, “Hillary cover-up operation work ticket archive cleanup.” Hillary by no means suffered any authorized penalties. In reality, FBI Director James Comey already had a draft letter ready to exonerate Hillary earlier than she was interviewed.

We typically hear the “Big Lie” related to the 2020 election, i.e., that the election was stolen from Trump. There was malfeasance and the “Times Magazine” article authored by Molly Ball gave some credence to the claims of election shenanigans. She said in her Feb. 4 article that the Left solid a “well-funded cabal” of “highly effective folks altering legal guidelines, steering media and controlling info,” in the 2020 presidential election. Ms. Ball famous in the “Times” article: “The handshake between enterprise and labor was only one part of an unlimited, cross-partisan marketing campaign to guard the election — a unprecedented shadow effort… Their work touched each facet of the election. They bought states to vary voting programs and legal guidelines and helped safe a whole lot of tens of millions in private and non-private funding,” suppose Zuckerberg’s Zuckerbucks to the tune of $300 to $400 million {dollars}.

Add to this the FBI meddling in the election by warning Facebook and different media shops of an impending Russian disinformation dump simply previous to the New York Post article on Hunter Biden’s laptop computer. The FBI had the laptop computer for properly over a yr, and knew it was legit. Or the 50 or so former intelligence officers signed a letter stating that the laptop computer story was Russian disinformation with out having a scintilla of proof.

But what of the actual massive lie that stymied the Trump administration all through his complete time period in workplace, the Russia collusion hoax. If there’s ever a “Big Lie,” that is it. The Hillary marketing campaign, FBI and DOJ colluded to ensnare Trump. And now the raid on Mar-a-Lago. The progressive left has no compunction in working roughshod over the U.S. Constitution in their ongoing makes an attempt to destroy former President Donald Trump and the conservative motion.

Manny Montes lives in Auburn

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