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I write this on Thursday, earlier than President Joe Biden’s speech to the nation. As a former U.S. ambassador, I had a top-secret safety clearance from August 2001 via December 2004, my time period as U.S. ambassador to Malta. I due to this fact have intimate information of the vetting course of one goes via to be given a top-secret clearance and extra importantly the obligations of an individual who receives such a clearance.

As an envoy, I, alongside with all different U.S. ambassadors, would obtain the CIA-generated Presidential Daily Brief, i.e., the PDB that was additionally given every day to the president by the director of the CIA, and the CIA Presidential Briefer masking all of the crucial top-secret points our nation confronted at the moment.

Much of this info was supplied by prime secret CIA sources who might be placing their life on the road to assist defend America and our allies.

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The significance that this info and the sources be saved secret ought to due to this fact be apparent. This info is simply accessible to those that have a prime safety clearance and may solely be considered in designated rooms which can be safe from any potential penetration. At the top of on daily basis, I used to be at my workplace as ambassador to Malta and, as was the case with all different U.S. ambassadors, a Marine safety guard would examine my workplace to make sure that no categorized materials was left in my workplace and that my categorized e mail server’s onerous drive was securely locked in my workplace secure.

We had been by no means allowed to take any categorized materials out of the safe space of the embassy and clearly by no means allowed to take any categorized materials to our residence or another location.

Also, after I resigned my submit on December of 2004, the embassy safety individuals made certain that I didn’t take any categorized materials with me.

It is due to this fact inconceivable that President Trump took prime secret categorized info with him from the White House and saved it in his Mar-a-Lago dwelling with no safety safety and doubtless accessible to many on his family workers.

The threat to our nation and allies that this reckless and doubtless unprecedented conduct induced ought to due to this fact be apparent. In my opinion, he ought to due to this fact by no means once more have entry to this sort of info for the safety of our nation and allies. This is not a partisan view – I’m a Republican – however a view of what’s very important for our nation and the free world.


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