Valheim gets patched to prevent the world resetting

Quite an essential replace has rolled out for the open-world survival sport Valheim, with a bunch of modifications associated to the saving system to prevent some large issues. For a short time some folks have sadly seen their worlds getting reset, which this patch solves.

Here’s what’s new in the replace:

  • Autobackup system added that may maintain one 2-hour and one 12-hour backup by default and will be customised in misc settings. Default setting on devoted servers is 4, which will be customised with new parameters (-backups -backupshort -backuplong).
  • The sport will now save after you sleep, or at 30 minute intervals, and the timer is reset when utilizing the handbook save console command. The save interval will be customised on devoted servers utilizing the new parameter (-saveinterval).
  • Using the console save command now additionally saves the character file
  • The devoted server handbook PDF has been up to date with the new parameters.
  • World save gets disabled if it’s a corrupted world file or if it’s an incompatible world model and the sport will return to the major menu. Dedicated servers will shut down if the world is corrupt.
  • A change to Steam Cloud saves to keep away from a selected crash throughout saves that would corrupt the world save.
  • The sport returns to a pause state if a multiplayer host is alone in a multiplayer session if all gamers depart (prefer it was beforehand).
  • Players can not create a world with the similar title when Steam Cloud saves are enabled.
  • Characters with duplicate filenames will now be hidden.
  • Characters with totally different names from the filename shall be displayed to differentiate between renamed information
  • Local and legacy characters will now be deleted correctly if Steam Cloud is enabled
  • Beehive VFX on-hit repair
  • Removed the potential to craft/construct the Midsummer objects

Valheim is offered to purchase on Humble Store or Steam.

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