Transcript: Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan on “Face the Nation,” Aug. 28, 2022

The following is a transcript of an interview with Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan that aired Sunday, Aug. 28, 2022, on “Face the Nation.”

MAJOR GARRETT: Welcome again. We are joined now by Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan. Governor, good to see you. Good morning. 


MAJOR GARRETT: So, you heard my dialog with the DNC Chair Harrison about “semi-fascism” as a label that President Biden has utilized to Republicans. What do you consider that?

GOV. HOGAN: You know, I feel it’s that sort of divisive rhetoric on either side that’s actually unhealthy for America. And, you realize, I’ve been speaking about the poisonous politics and when- if Republicans are calling Democrats, socialists and communists and now we have the President United States calling Republicans fascist, I don’t suppose it provides to the you realize, the- the general dialogue, all of us simply discuss the variations now we have on the points and- and focus on the issues that most individuals in America need us to focus on. 

MAJOR GARRETT: Real shortly, do you see any strains of authoritarianism in the Republican Party?

GOV. HOGAN: Well, there’s no query we see some- some indicators of that. And I’m, you realize, one among the ones talking out.

MAJOR GARRETT: Very good. Governor Hogan, thanks a lot. Please stick with us. We will proceed our dialog after a fast break. Here’s a promise we will likely be proper again with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and also will have a preview of the Artemis launch. Please stick with us. 

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MAJOR GARRETT: Welcome again to Face The Nation. I’m Major Garrett in for Margaret. We proceed our dialog with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan. Governor, we began the present speaking about not solely the FBI search at Mar a Lago, however the affidavit that was launched late this week. Many Republicans imagine this can be a political effort to hurt and tarnish the status of former President Trump. Do you agree with them? And do you suppose the authorities has been clear sufficient on this extraordinary set of occasions?

GOV. HOGAN: Well, it’s a rare set of occasions. It’s by no means occurred earlier than with a former president and so the very first day I- I known as for extra transparency. And I believed it was a good suggestion for- for the Attorney General to lastly come out and make feedback, I believed it was a good suggestion for them to launch a few of the data on the affidavit. But we nonetheless don’t know an entire lot. I imply, most of it was redacted. It didn’t give us a variety of shade. And so I feel some Republicans are saying with out you exhibiting us extra to it, we don’t- we expect it could be political. 

MAJOR GARRETT: Are you glad?

GOV. HOGAN: No. I imply, I’d prefer to see extra transparency. 

MAJOR GARRETT: What would you prefer to see that you just haven’t seen but? 

GOV. HOGAN: Well, it’s arduous to inform, as a result of in a- in a federal investigation, they’ve obtained to maintain some issues confidential–

MAJOR GARRETT: Do you need to know extra about what the paperwork had been?

GOV. HOGAN: We need to know whether or not or not it was justified or not. And so on the one hand, it may very well be, as some Republicans suppose, simply, you realize, only a political witch hunt. On the different hand, it may very well be actually critical, you realize, federal felonies. We don’t know that but.

MAJOR GARRETT: Where do you come down on that query: witch hunt or reliable train of the federal authorities’s reliable, not solely curiosity, however prosecutorial curiosity in the dealing with of delicate paperwork?

GOV. HOGAN: Well, it’s arduous for me to think about that–

MAJOR GARRETT: You haven’t made up your thoughts on that?

GOV. HOGAN: Well, I feel- I don’t know that now we have sufficient data but. I feel- it’s arduous to imagine that the Justice Department, the FBI, would take steps until they’d one thing fairly critical that they had been investigating. We simply don’t know the details but.

MAJOR GARRETT: Do you suppose there’s any Republican hypocrisy, remembering the ‘lock her up’ chants from 2016 about Hillary Clinton and her electronic mail server?

GOV. HOGAN: Well, I feel so. But I feel there’s additionally, you realize, a few of the argument that Republicans are making is that they didn’t actually take these sorts of actions- these steps–

MAJOR GARRETT: Then- they’re taking them now.

GOV. HOGAN: Yeah. 

MAJOR GARRETT: So you- so that you facet with Republicans who’re nonetheless very deeply skeptical about this?

GOV. HOGAN: I perceive why it’s dividing the nation and why Democrats and Republicans view it in a different way.

MAJOR GARRETT: As I perceive your journey schedule, Governor, you’re heading to New Hampshire once more. You’ve been there earlier than. You’ve been to Iowa. When you might be asserting your 2024 bid?

GOV. HOGAN: Well, perhaps this morning? No, I’m simply teasing. 

MAJOR GARRETT: Go proper forward. Governor. 

GOV. HOGAN: I’m simply gonna end my time period as governor.

MAJOR GARRETT: Why are you going to Iowa New Hampshire? 

GOV. HOGAN: Well, I’m going to New Hampshire to assist the Republican caucus, House Republican caucus up there. I’m serving to candidates throughout the nation however you realize, it’s nice to get out and see–

MAJOR GARRETT: You are taking a look at it very critically, true?

GOV. HOGAN: I feel it’s- that’s in all probability an exaggeration. I feel we’re gonna end the time period as governor–

MAJOR GARRETT: Lukewarm taking a look at it? 

GOV. HOGAN: Lukewarm, perhaps lukewarm.

MAJOR GARRETT: Very good. In that context, as you concentrate on what it’s possible you’ll or could not do on the nationwide stage, how both alarming or perhaps providing you with second for pause, was it to see your most popular Republican gubernatorial candidate Kelly Schultz lose in Republican major for governor in your individual state of Maryland? What does that let you know?

GOV. HOGAN: Well it was actually unhappy. It was actually unhappy, and it’s what I’ve been speaking about for 2 years that, you realize, this needs to be a very large 12 months for Republicans simply due to the failures of the- of the Democrats and who’re in command of every part and Biden’s low approval rankings, however we may blow it by nominating unelectable folks and that’s precisely what’s occurring throughout the nation and why the wave is- goes to be extra of a- of a ripple quite than a tidal wave.

MAJOR GARRETT: You known as the winner in that Republican gubernatorial major Dan Cox a ‘Qanon whack job’ and ‘a nut.’ I take it you’re endorsing the Democratic nominee Wes Moore?

GOV. HOGAN: No, I’m not endorsing anyone in the race. 


GOV. HOGAN: What I’m doing helps–

MAJOR GARRETT: But you’re bashing on the Republican nominee, isn’t that the identical factor?

GOV. HOGAN: I simply instructed the fact. I- you realize, when folks ask me a query, I often give them a direct reply. And I you realize, made it very clear that this man shouldn’t be the nominee and he shouldn’t be governor. I might- I’m not getting concerned in endorsing in the race. But this isn’t simply Maryland. This is going on throughout the nation. This is one thing that- it’s why Mitch McConnell is saying that we could not win the Senate. It’s why we had been hoping to choose up seats in governor’s races and now we’re not. It’s why we’re- we’re the margin in the home is a lot smaller.

MAJOR GARRETT: It’s curious to me, although, Governor, I imply, you gained election and you then gained reelection with variety of Democrats in a blue state supporting you. They look to you on this query. You’re gonna sit out and never inform them who you suppose the subsequent governor of Maryland needs to be?

GOV. HOGAN: Well, I feel they have already got mind- I feel they have already got their thoughts made up. But sure, Maryland’s solely obtained 23% Republican. You know, and I needed to win, you realize, big- virtually all the Republicans and independents and 25% of the Democrats to win however that- this- this candidate shouldn’t be going to try this.

MAJOR GARRETT: So is for you, Governor Hogan, for the the rest of your energetic political life election denialism a litmus check?

GOV. HOGAN: Well, it’s actually one thing that we shouldn’t be targeted on. Look, I feel the voters are going to determine on points like inflation, like the uncontrolled value–

MAJOR GARRETT: Would you endorse somebody who denied that Joe Biden gained the 2020 election?

GOV. HOGAN: No. No, I might not. 

MAJOR GARRETT: Would you actively marketing campaign in opposition to that Republican?

GOV. HOGAN: It relies upon on who they’re working in opposition to, whether or not it was a major or not. But I’ve been supporting people all throughout the nation and Republican primaries that we’re working in opposition to candidates like that, as a result of I feel if the Republicans are to get any energy again, we’re going to have to start out speaking about the points folks care about and never re-litigating what occurred in 2020, or denying issues which are reality.

MAJOR GARRETT: So I need to discuss one thing that’s considerably topical in Pennsylvania and the governor’s race there. GOP nominee Doug Mastriano posed for an image in 2017 sporting a Confederate uniform, and this was a part of a school photograph at the Army War College. Mastriano has a PhD in historical past, the district he represents in the legislature contains Gettysburg, is that this disqualifying in your estimation?

GOV. HOGAN: Well it’s the first I’ve heard the story and I don’t know the circumstances round it. But these are the sorts of issues that I feel we’re having. We have an analogous scenario in Maryland with an legal professional common candidate a successionist.

MAJOR GARRETT: Not disqualifying, problematic?

GOV. HOGAN: It’s very problematic, and it may very well be disqualifying.

MAJOR GARRETT: Could be disqualifying. Why? Explain to voters who’re like what’s the large deal? What would you say?

GOV. HOGAN: Well, once more, I mentioned, I don’t know the details concerning that. But that is simply not the sort of method that Republicans are going to win races. That’s for positive. And that’s my large concern, and what I’ve been speaking about for 2 years.

MAJOR GARRETT: So what’s your evaluation as Governor of Maryland, of the President’s choice on scholar mortgage debt reduction? Did he have the authority? Is it inflationary? Support? Against?

GOV. HOGAN: Well I’m undecided whether or not he had the authority or not, however I feel it was the mistaken answer to what’s an actual drawback, however the mistaken answer at the mistaken time, as a result of I agree, it’s like throwing gasoline on a fireplace. Inflation is uncontrolled. And it’s a- it’s a difficulty we’ve tried to resolve in Maryland by holding the line on tuition by giving scholarships to group faculties, by eradicating the necessities for 4 12 months levels, by making an attempt to make curiosity deductible on your scholar loans off of your taxes. But simply handing out cash to folks and being unfair to the individuals who labored arduous to repay their debt and put- pouring that cash into the inflationary financial system is actually unhealthy.

MAJOR GARRETT: Back to politics. If Republicans underperform on this midterms, how a lot of that will likely be credibly attributed and blamed on former President Trump?

GOV. HOGAN: Well, I feel the focus away from the points and on to President Trump and away from the future and again to the previous goes to harm Republicans. It’s a matter of how unhealthy it’s going to be.

MAJOR GARRETT: What are your fears?

GOV. HOGAN: My concern is that we don’t we don’t win the Senate, that we don’t choose up the gubernatorial seats and probably lose them. And that I feel will nonetheless take the House, nevertheless it’s going to be nearer than folks suppose.

MAJOR GARRETT: Republican Governor Larry Hogan. pleasure, sir. 

GOV. HOGAN: Thank you. 

MAJOR GARRETT: Thanks for being with us and we’ll be proper again.

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