SSD VPS – The right choice for a faster website

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Sector) is a fairly fashionable website internet hosting due to its value-oriented efficiency. A VPS host which makes use of SSD (Solid State Drive) is named SSD VPS Hosting.

 Advantages of SSD Storage-based Web Hosting

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) has been the default storage possibility for a long time, for computer systems however these days, a new expertise often called Solid State Drive (SSD) is gaining recognition. This new expertise has been launched into the info storage world, however now it’s rising quickly within the discipline of webhosting too.  SSD webhosting has a higher benefit over the standard HDD and thus, many companies are both already utilizing this or contemplating it. Flash reminiscence chips are utilized in SSD webhosting to retailer knowledge on the server which ensures the preservation of the info in case of energy interruption.

SSD Vs HDD: A Comparison

The time period Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is often related to desktop computer systems, whereas you’ll most certainly discover SSD in laptops. Although SSD and HDD look bodily related, there are variations between HDD and SSD by way of efficiency. Following are a few of the variations.

Price: SSD comes with extra advantages and benefits over HDD by way of efficiency, so SSD prices extra by way of worth than HDD.

Mechanical motion:  The motive behind the failures and lack of knowledge within the HDD lies in its working. In HDD, the info studying system depends on a spinning disc. A pc can solely have entry to the info saved on the HDD when the disc spins, which makes it extra inclined to failures and lack of knowledge. In SSD, there is no such thing as a mechanical motion or any shifting components. It additionally explains why there are not any whirring noises or overheating related to SSD.

Lifespan:  Since HDD has mechanical motion and shifting components, it’s extremely vulnerable to put on and tear. It is straightforward for these shifting components to wear down shortly as a result of at any time when the pc needs to work with the info or entry any knowledge, the disk has to spin. This just isn’t the identical case with SSD making it final for much longer than HDD.

Energy consumption:  Spinning of the disk within the HDD can also be accountable for extra power consumption in addition to overheating.  SSD hardly will get overheated due to its much less power consumption and no mechanical actions.

Speed: the disk learn pace is a main distinction between HDD and SSD. SSD is 4 occasions faster than HDD when disk studying pace is in contrast. User expertise determines success. The disk learn pace of SSD VPS ensures a higher consumer expertise. It improves the website’s efficiency.  User expertise is a crucial consideration if you would like your website to achieve success. Since it delivers a secure efficiency, SSD VPS gives a higher consumer expertise than a common VPS.

Advantages of SSD VPS Web Hosting

SSD webhosting offers varied advantages to companies which have a website and webhosting corporations and for those that need to shield or safe their buyer’s knowledge on their servers. Let’s try a few of the vital benefits of SSD Web Hosting!

Reliable and Efficient Hardware: SSD system can not put on out simply and is shock resistant due to the next causes:

  • No mechanical motion
  • Magnetic coating in SSD

For this motive, SSD is extra dependable and offers environment friendly storage of your knowledge making it the most suitable choice for a webhosting firm. No doubt, you can’t lose the info of your prospects as a result of storage knowledge malfunction.

Low Power Consumption: The energy consumption of SSD could be very low which not solely leads to serving to to save lots of power however can also be surroundings pleasant. In this manner, SSD webhosting assist internet hosting corporations scale back price bills on cooling, energy, and electrical energy. Its low energy necessities make it an especially environment friendly webhosting platform. On the opposite hand, extra energy must be generated in HDD to function successfully.

 Enhance Performance and Speed:  It is straightforward to learn knowledge straight from the Solid State Drive, as there is no such thing as a spinning or magnetic disk. That is why it’s doable to carry out a number of queries on the SSD storage concurrently. You should contemplate switching to SSD Web Hosting for fast file switch, learn or write time, and extra, if you happen to obtain enormous visitors.

It delivers higher uptime. Uptime is a crucial metric of a website server on stability, reliability, and efficiency. Since SSD breaks down much less typically, there is no such thing as a surprising downtime which suggests higher uptime.


Although, It all is dependent upon your want and the kind of website you owns however usually SSD webhosting is a higher choice.  The benefits and advantages offered by SSD point out this. You ought to contemplate SSD webhosting that comes with Windows VPS and Linux Desktop VPS, particularly if you’re working majorly e-commerce web sites, excessive/heavy visitors web sites that use extra power to load pages, and web sites with enormous cloud knowledge.



  • you need a faster website
  • you will get extra visitors in your website
  • you run a busy website
  • you run an e-commerce retailer
  • you need to give the very best expertise to your guests
  • you run a great deal of functions
  • you need to scale back the time that customers spend ready for issues to low downtime

……..SSD VPS webhosting is the most suitable choice for you.

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