It’s Official, Federal Prosecutors Are Investigating Trump’s Crimes Against Democracy

Here’s one thing that shouldn’t actually be information to anybody in America. U.S. Justice Department prosecutors are presenting proof to a federal grand jury about Donald Trump’s legal try to violently overthrow our democracy on Jan. 6, 2021.

Of course, they’re. It occurred in broad daylight. We all watched the scenes of demise and destruction by the armed mob Trump despatched to assault Congress to cease certification of President Biden’s election so Trump may stay as president regardless of his defeat by the biggest vote in American historical past.

Testimony beginning earlier than a grand jury ought to lastly finish months of unwarranted criticism of Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland for refusing to publicly talk about the federal investigation into Trump’s direct involvement within the assault. 

After 4 years of Trump’s presidency, many Americans appear to have forgotten how a official U.S. Justice Department ethically conducts legal investigations. Prosecutors by no means publicly talk about their investigations till they’re able to situation legal prices. Prosecutors don’t need to be accused of damaging the reputations of harmless individuals earlier than they’ve all of the information.  

Trump’s Absurd Charge

Ironically, many election consultants imagine FBI director James Comey’s violation of that authorized precept in 2016 was chargeable for Trump’s lawless presidency. Comey opened an investigation into Trump’s absurd marketing campaign cost that Hillary Clinton must be locked up due to the e-mail server she used as secretary of state.

That investigation cleared Clinton of violating any legal guidelines in early July, however that didn’t cease Comey from irresponsibly reopening the investigation into Clinton’s emails 10 days earlier than the presidential election. That investigation additionally cleared Clinton, however solely after Trump’s election had shocked the nation.

Here’s another historical past to think about about Comey’s potential impact on that election that ought to infuriate many Americans. Imagine the U.S. Supreme Court we might have right now defending our constitutional rights as an alternative of destroying them if President Clinton had appointed three new justices as an alternative of Trump.

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Garland has repeatedly vowed his division will observe the proof concerning the violent assault on democracy wherever it leads. “No particular person is above the regulation on this nation. I can’t say it any extra clearly than that … We have to carry accountable each one who is criminally chargeable for making an attempt to overturn a official election.”

Where the Evidence Leads

We already know far more about the place that proof leads due to the televised public hearings of the House January 6 Committee. That’s why there may be rising authorized momentum for Garland to make historical past by doing precisely what nonpartisan Justice Departments are imagined to do whether or not the President is Republican or Democrat.   

No former president has ever been prosecuted earlier than for crimes he dedicated in workplace. But the media is improper to assert that places Garland in a tricky spot politically in deciding whether or not to prosecute Trump. No president has ever dedicated such an unprecedented crime towards democracy earlier than. 

The January 6 Committee has already produced strong proof from Republican witnesses about Trump’s orchestration of the armed assault on Congress to cease the certification of the presidential vote of the American individuals.

Compel Testimony

The Justice Department has way more energy than a congressional committee to compel testimony below oath from administration officers who have been in each assembly with the president. That contains Trump’s vp Mike Pence whose prime aides have been among the many first identified to testify earlier than the federal grand jury.

Unlike Richard Nixon’s vp Gerald Ford who granted Nixon a full pardon for his Watergate crimes in 1974 after the president resigned to keep away from impeachment, Pence refused to take part in Trump’s unlawful scheme to overturn the election by throwing out electoral votes Biden received in seven states together with Wisconsin. Republican officers in these states had submitted fraudulent paperwork to the Senate and National Archives falsely claiming to be state electors casting their electoral votes for Trump. 

Pence prevented Trump from stealing the election. He has no purpose to lie for Trump who endangered his life and his household by inflaming the murderous mob chasing them by the Capitol. Federal prosecutors can also flip co-conspirators to testify towards increased ups like Trump by providing them diminished sentences. 

The justice system strikes slowly, however it’s coming for Trump. Trump can legally gradual it down extra, however he can’t cease it. In the meantime, it’s as much as the remainder of us to vote towards Republicans in November decided to proceed Trump’s destruction of American democracy.  

Republicans used to wrap themselves within the flag on July 4 to proclaim their love for American democracy. That can be a sick joke till they expel Trump and all of the others inside their get together who’re destroying voting rights.

Conservative Republicans from the previous wouldn’t acknowledge their anti-democracy get together right now with Trump praising Vladimir Putin as “a genius” for invading Ukraine and Putin himself broadcasting Tucker Carlson’s rightwing Fox News commentaries on Russian state tv with Russian subtitles.

Joel McNally

Joel McNally is a national-award-winning newspaper columnist and a longtime political commentator on Milwaukee radio and tv. Since 1997, Joel has written a column for the Shepherd Express the place he additionally was editor for 2 years.

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Aug. 01, 2022

1:15 p.m.

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