ICARUS: Week 35 Update Allows Players to Craft Attachments to Boost Their Equipment

Players are actually in a position to enhance their gears by crafting new attachments launched within the Week 35 Update for ICARUS. 

Two new attachment benches may be discovered within the Blueprint tree. These are Tier 3 Alteration Bench and Tier 4 Advanced Alteration Bench. Each bench has two sides; the left facet is the place gamers craft their attachments, and the proper facet is the place they will apply or take away these attachments from their gear. This design permits gamers to do two fully various things concurrently, which is kind of useful contemplating that it takes three minutes to place an attachment on a bit of drugs.

Currently, there are 25 attachments in whole. Here are the essential ones that may be crafted within the Tier 3 Alteration Bench:

The upgraded variations are made on the Tier 4 Advanced Alteration Bench. Additionally, gamers can craft and equip three particular attachments on the identical bench. These are:

  • Bleed (*35*)

  • Poison (*35*)

  • Electroshock (*35*)

Attachments in ICARUS present gamers with totally different buffs relying on which one is utilized. For occasion, the Advanced Melee Damage Attachment grants 20% melee harm when connected to an applicable merchandise.

Those who need to depend on harm over time might want to put money into particular attachments. The Bleed Attachment, for instance, empowers the participant’s assault to have a 40% probability to trigger bleed on hit, as well as to a slight enhance in melee harm. 

It is vital to word that solely Tier 2 to Tier 4 crafted melee weapons and instruments may be custom-made for the time being. Also, just one attachment may be utilized at a time.

Bleed (*35*) Photo: Steam

Below are a few of the different modifications within the Week 35 Update:


  • The Item (*35*) Slot UI now solely exhibits on gadgets with attachment slots and never for ranged weapons with ammo outfitted prefer it was

  • Added merchandise names and descriptions for attachments

  • Adding new (*35*) for Titanium Yield

  • Preventing Ranged Weapons from being placeable within the attachment bench for now


  • Voxel mesh information is now saved to file relatively than being fetched from the mesh at runtime and adjusted these meshes to not be CPU accessible anymore. This helps our devoted server in addition to improves mining efficiency and reminiscence utilization

  • Fixing challenge the place Ammo that was readied in bows wouldn’t save its {custom} stats and alterations when reloading the sport. This is now mounted and custom-crafted arrows will now retain their properties

  • Fixed crucial hit error when non-player entities hearth projectiles

ICARUS Week 35 Update is obtainable on PC.


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