How to Play CSGO Surf (A Detailed Guide)

CSGO has all the time been a staff sport of two teams of 5 gamers killing one another. However, the sport’s Source engine could be a hodgepodge of weirdness. Case in level, Surfing, a motion bug, turned an enormous side-activity for the CSGO neighborhood. Today we’ll speak about it and the way to play CSGO Surf.


What Is CSGO Surf?

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It could shock some folks, however Surfing is a glitch in Valve’s Goldsource, and ultimately Source Engine. It lets gamers acquire a metric ton of velocity shortly once they hug steep angles. This bug was found again in 2008, on the sport that originated Counter-Strike, Half-Life. By that time, Surfing turned one thing for gamers to obsess over, as they compete for the most effective occasions. Ever for the reason that glitch’s discovery, gamers have created varied customized maps that enable for Surfing on the Source Map Editor. Even now, Surf servers and lobbies are an easy-to-see sight on CSGO, and there are 1900+ Surf Maps out there on Steam’s workshop. We can’t promise something when it comes to high quality although. They can vary from easy-to-surf maps for rookies, to utter gauntlets that even Surfing execs will balk at attempting.


How To Play CSGO Surf?

Now that we’ve talked about what CS: GO Surf is, let’s speak about how one can play it. We’ll begin with the place to discover CSGO Surf maps. Then, we’ll speak about how to use the controls, the varied aims, and eventually, which maps to play on.


Where To Find CSGO Surf Lobbies, Servers, And Maps

Usually, gamers can discover CSGO Surf lobbies straight on the CSGO sport itself. Simply begin the sport, choose ‘Play CSGO’, then go to the top-left dropdown menu. Look for the ‘Community Server Browser’ part, then sort ‘Surf’ on the tags. After doing this, merely search for servers you want to go be part of and choose ‘Connect’. Simple as that.

Do be aware although that there are going to be servers that will be empty for a number of causes. Maybe they’re in a special time zone, or they’re off doing one thing vital. If you need to have a co-op playthrough of CSGO Surf, then it’s finest to examine if there are any folks on a server. To do that, after typing in ‘Surf’ on the tags, merely choose the ‘Players’ tab. This will instantly checklist out the servers with most gamers throughout that cut-off date.

Last however not least is which server to be part of based mostly in your present ability in Surfing. There are devoted servers which are beginner pleasant to first-time surfers and will be recognized once they’re labeled as Tier 1. Any tiers after which are for surfers with extra expertise.

Of course, there’s additionally the choice of merely downloading the maps your self on the Steam Workshop. However, discovering a devoted CSGO Surf server continues to be a good suggestion. Mostly as a result of every part in a devoted server is automated, that means if a participant fails, they will return to the beginning instantly. Instead of, you already know, having to sort in a devoted console command to do exactly that.

In addition to this, some maps haven’t been given upkeep and care by their makers all through the years. Thus, it’s a greater concept to go to a server the place the gamers sustaining it know which maps are finest to use.



Right, let’s speak about controls and the way to play CSGO Surf within the first place. If you suppose making and placing maps in your PC is tough, boy, you’re in for a wild journey, that is the place the issues start.

At the core idea, CSGO Surfing is fairly simple. After all, a participant would solely want 3 issues: The A and D Buttons, and their mouse. However, to turn into proficient or perhaps a grasp, you’ll want hours upon hours of follow. To begin, a participant wants to be on a slope. Then, they’ve to use both their A/D keys to press themselves towards the adjoining wall. A key for the left, D key for the proper, as per regular. Next is the mouse, your crosshair wants to be pointed within the route the place you need to surf. If you don’t do that, properly say goodbye to your stability as you both lose momentum or fall off the slope.

Then, the subsequent factor that wants to be performed is to get into one other slope. This time, you want to launch your self off by flicking your mouse upwards so that you just’re launched off the slope and into the air. Once airborne, regulate the mouse to change route and to get to the subsequent slope. Other methods will help on CSGO Surfing like Bunnyhopping, however since we’re simply speaking about Surfing we gained’t speak about these.

However, one factor that you just want to find out about CSGO Surfing is that the actually vital factor that you just want to do is to grasp the map. Why? Because mastering the map leads to shorter occasions, and most CSGO Surfers normally compete for these. But sufficient about these issues, let’s speak about aims.



In CSGO Surfing, there are 2 gameplay modes: Just Surfing, and fight Surfing. These have radically totally different gameplay loops which are each attention-grabbing, but very various.

Surfing is the purest means to take pleasure in CSGO Surfing maps. You go from level A to level B within the shortest period of time doable. If you fail, merely attempt once more from the beginning.

Last however not least is Combat Surfing, which is strictly what it says on the tin. This is a PvP mode the place gamers surf round with weapons they usually attempt to kill one another. Both variations of Surfing are fairly aggressive and have a whole lot of gamers taking part in them, particularly the more durable maps. However, it’s normally beneficial to follow how to surf first earlier than becoming a member of any of the extra aggressive lobbies.



One factor that wants to be mentioned is that Surfing will be performed anyplace as long as there’s a slope. It’s theoretically doable to surf round the usual CSGO maps. It’s not sensible, but it surely’s doable. However, there are some maps on the CS: GO Community Workshop that’s tailored for Surfing. Thousands of them. Here are among the extra beneficial ones:



These maps are for gamers which are simply beginning their Surfing profession. They’re fairly simple to discover within the workshop and are brief and candy. They additionally educate gamers how to Surf, in addition to how to navigate jumps, corners, hurdles, et cetera. When beginning, it’s a good suggestion to get SURF_BEGINNER somewhat than SURF_ROOKIE first due to the previous being smaller than the latter. It helps to preserve gamers studying at an inexpensive tempo.



Next on the checklist is SURF FOR POINTS I-IV, which is usually for gamers that need an extra problem. On these maps, gamers compete on who can get essentially the most tokens earlier than their timer runs out. There are a number of coloured tokens scattered all through the maps that give totally different level scores and the higher you surf, the extra you will get. This map is for people who need to check their expertise and enhance upon them.



Last however not least is SURF_EGPYT2, mainly one of many greater challenges for people who simply began Surfing. Players are positioned on the Egyptian dunes and pyramids crammed with slopes and surfaces for them to surf on. It’s fairly difficult and requires appreciable ability to even do, not to mention grasp.


Games Like CS GO Surf (Alternatives)

Now that we’ve talked about how to play CSGO Surf, let’s speak about video games which are prefer it. We’ll begin with Refunct, adopted by Zineth, Project RIK, Clustertruck, and Speedrunners.



First on this checklist is Refunct, which is a comparatively brief 3D platformer. There’s no story right here, only a fairly peaceable and enjoyable world the place gamers can do varied platforming expertise to get round obstacles. The graphics are lovely, the coloring is nice, it performs on the participant’s personal tempo, and is simply half-hour lengthy if even that. All informed, in order for you a extra enjoyable time on issues, attempting out Refunct isn’t a nasty concept.



Next on this checklist is Zineth, which is means totally different when it comes to type compared to Refunct. For one, it’s very psychedelic, with brilliant colours in all places and a whole lot of general zaniness. Gameplay-wise, it’s very comparable to CSGO Surf, the place gamers want to zoom across the map to get to locations. However, Zineth has a narrative, although very hidden.

All informed, Zineth is a superb sport that has a whole lot of appeal to it. Unfortunately, it could solely be downloaded on their web site and isn’t out there on Steam. Also, it’s very a lot beneficial to have an Xbox Controller when taking part in Zineth. You can use a keyboard, however you’re not gonna have time when doing so.


Project RIK

Next is Project RIK, which is an FPS racing sport that focuses on motion. If something, that is the actual sequel to CSGO Surfing generally. However, it’s not simply browsing that’s being examined on Project RIK. It additionally checks how good a participant is on bunnyhopping, strafe leaping, crouchslides, energy jumps, and different sorts of fps motion. All informed, Project RIK’s fundamental purpose is to give gamers the joys of motion whereas additionally competing for the most effective occasions.

Like Zineth, Project RIK isn’t out there on Steam and is as an alternative discovered on their web site One factor that makes this cool although is the truth that Project RIK is totally free, and gamers don’t want to pay to play. Very good.



After Project RIK is Clustertruck, which is the entire video games above mixed with the ground is lava. After all, you’re bunnyhopping on high of transferring vehicles and your goal is to get to the tip. However, the sport wouldn’t allow you to get there that simply. If you’re not cautious, your character will die in a mess of progressively evil methods. Each stage has distinctive hazards that may cease you from getting to the tip of the extent. There are lasers, falling vehicles, varied obstructions, and extra.

Eventually, although, the participant will unlock new skills and traversal mechanics. Ranging from grappling hooks to an precise Timestop. All of them are helpful, particularly throughout a really chaotic portion of a stage.

All informed in case you’re in search of a good way to check your platforming and motion expertise, get Clustertruck. It’s enjoyable as hell and really entertaining, properly definitely worth the cash to purchase it.



Next on this checklist is Speedrunners, and no, not people that full video games as quick as doable, however the sport Speedrunners.

Speedrunners is a 4 participant sport the place you play as Superheroes attempting to get into crime scenes. Of course, even getting to mentioned crime scenes is a contest, and everybody needs to get there first. Thus, Your characters want to use something and every part to get forward. Grappling hooks? Yes, very viable. Various powers? Why not? All informed, as long as you’re transferring quick in the direction of the scene of the crime, something goes.

However, do be aware that you just’re racing towards 4 different heroes, they usually’re going to do every part to hinder you. You’re gonna have to do your stage finest to dodge all that and nonetheless get to the scene, which provides pleasure to the entire thing.

If you’ve got a gaggle of three buddies that need to compete towards one another, then Speedrunners is a sport to go for. It’s enjoyable, has a whole lot of appeal, and really nice time waster.


Try And Learn How To Play CSGO Surf Today

All in all, taking part in CSGO Surf requires a bit of information of how motion works within the sport. However, one of the simplest ways to study something is thru follow, particularly when going via all of the distinctive browsing maps in CSGO. There you go, that’s our how to play CSGO surf information.


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