GOP Lawmaker Offers Most Ridiculous Take Yet On Not Prosecuting Trump

Rep. Michael Waltz (R-Fla.) openly rewrote historical past to argue in opposition to prosecuting former President Donald Trump for probably taking categorised paperwork from the White House.

“President Trump took that method. He stated, ’You know what, we’re not going to prosecute Hillary Clinton,’” Waltz stated Sunday on Fox News of the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate that Trump routinely stated ought to be despatched to jail.

“Despite the blatant, blatant destruction of hundreds and hundreds of paperwork with BleachBit that she received to determine what would get offered to the archives,” Waltz added. “And [Trump] stated, ’You know what, let’s transfer on. Let’s transfer ahead.′ But they’re simply incapable of doing it on the subject of him.”

Clinton was investigated by the FBI for utilizing a non-public e-mail server for official authorities communications whereas she was secretary of state. The FBI discovered she dealt with categorised data carelessly, however decided there have been no prison violations.

Trump hardly got here throughout as eager to “transfer ahead.”

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