Minecraft The Wild Update out now (version 1.19.1), patch notes and trailer

Minecraft’s new 1.19.1 patch has gone stay, in any other case often known as The Wild Update. It features a bunch of recent options, fixes, and heaps extra.

The official patch notes for Minecraft The Wild Update – or model 1.19.1 – are as follows:

New Features:

Deep Dark

  • In the depths of the Overworld, you can find one of many scariest biomes in all of Minecraft. Buried undergound, particularly on the backside of mountainous areas, this space is full of sculk blocks, historical buildings, loot chests, and one, single, solitary mob. To navigate the deep darkish, it is advisable sneak, use Silk Touch, and above all else – don’t wake the warden!


  • The solely mob that spawns within the deep darkish is none aside from the warden. The warden will solely make an look if its slumber is disturbed, which signifies that courageous explorers should sneak round very quietly. Quick actions danger setting off a sculk sensor that set off a sculk shrieker. If you will have the misfortune of listening to it pierce via the silent shroud of the deep darkish, it’s time to get out. Even although the warden can’t see, this doesn’t gradual it down however works to its benefit. The warden can sniff out any intruders and makes use of vibrations to detect their actual location.

Sculk Blocks

  • There are 5 several types of sculk blocks to be discovered within the deep darkish. If you wish to mine them, you’ll need to remain stealthy and use Silk Touch. The sculk block is a good ornamental block due to its atmospheric glow. The sculk sensor is a redstone block that detects vibrations, so stroll fastidiously or use a wool block to muffle your steps. The sculk catalyst spreads sculk round it and sculk veins generate round patches of sculk that spawn from the sculk catalyst. Finally, the sculk shrieker is probably essentially the most harmful block of all since it should summon the warden should you’re not cautious!

Recovery Compass and Echo Shards

  • The restoration compass is the answer for locating the way in which again to the final location you died. Loot chests in historical cities to find echo shards and craft one for your self!

Mangrove Swamp Biome

  • Towering bushes, vast roots, small saplings, and muddy terrain make up the brand new mangrove swamps. Found in areas with excessive temperatures and excessive humidity, this new swamp additionally introduces mangrove bushes and mud blocks, bringing a variety of recent supplies to craft builds impressed by the great thing about the Overworld!

Mangrove Trees/Wood

  • Mangrove bushes introduce a brand-new sort of wooden block to construct with, the logs will be crafted into planks, stairs, buttons, slabs, fences, doorways, indicators, and strain plates. You can even craft with the mangrove tree’s leaves, roots, and small saplings known as propagules!

Mud Blocks

  • Mud will be discovered throughout mangrove swamps and crafted with wheat into packed mud! Use it to craft a wide range of mud brick blocks together with stairs, slabs, and partitions. This block can also be renewable through the use of a water bottle on grime, so there isn’t any danger of working out of mud. Placing Mud above a block that has pointed dripstone beneath will finally flip the mud block into clay!

Frogs and Tadpoles

  • Frogs feed on small slimes, breathe on land and in water, and lay eggs known as frogspawn. The eggs will hatch and flip into tadpoles, making this the primary mob that isn’t bred from a smaller model of itself! There are three differing types to find – temperate frogs, heat frogs, and chilly frogs – so getting your palms on all three means that you’ll want to journey via the Overworld!

Froglight Blocks

  • These luminous blocks are available in three totally different variants relying on which frog sort produces it. If you wish to gentle up your base with ochre, verdant, or pearlescent froglights, you’ll need to determine out a strategy to feed a frog a really small magma dice!


  • The winner of the Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote is flying into Minecraft! Instantly recognizable by its luminous blue sheen, you gained’t lose this mob as soon as you discover it. Hand it an merchandise and it should decide up matching objects it finds on the earth. It loves music and will drop objects if it hears a observe block taking part in close by. The allay spawns in pillager outposts and woodland mansions and is ready so that you can set it free!

Boat in Chest

  • The Wild Update makes it doable so that you can craft a ship with a chest on it, which is handy since there are many new blocks to carry again out of your new adventures!

Goat Horn

  • Dropped by goats that ram into onerous blocks and can be utilized to make a wide range of sounds! Can you discover all eight variants?

New Music

  • Added new music by Lena Raine and Samuel Åberg
  • Music Disc 5
    • Unlike different discs, it could solely be obtained by discovering and crafting 9 disc fragments collectively
    • These disc fragments will be discovered hardly ever in historical metropolis chests
  • Mobile gamers: To hear the brand new music, you’ll need to obtain the up to date Minecraft Original Music Pack, accessible FREE from Marketplace

Updated Mobile Touch Controls

  • Updated the visible fashion of the contact management joystick
  • Players can now repeatedly soar whereas holding down the soar button (MCPE-117045)

New Achievements

  • It Spreads – Kill a mob subsequent to a catalyst
  • Birthday Song – Have an Allay drop a cake at a observe block
  • With Our Powers Combined! – Have all 3 froglights in your stock
  • Sneak 100 – Sneaking subsequent to a Sculk Sensor with out triggering it

Vanilla Parity:


  • Fixed a difficulty inflicting child Llamas to fireside llama spit from above their head (MCPE-144948)
  • Mirrored the Spider’s left legs (MCPE-152927)


  • Updated Boat merchandise icon textures to make them in keeping with Java Edition (MCPE-153353)


  • Fences and Walls now not hook up with Bells and Brewing Stands (MCPE-152757)
  • Fixed a bug the place the Brewing Stand’s arms textures didn’t contact the bottom (MCPE-152932)
  • Moved the Brewing Stand’s base UVs and up to date the bottom texture
  • Fixed the Brewing Stand’s arms rotation
  • Created a greater transition between the End Portal Frame facet texture and the End Stone (MCPE-152930)
  • Removed unused pixels within the End Rod texture (MCPE-152929)
  • Updated the Mycelium’s facet texture to match different dirt-based textures (MCPE-152928)
  • Fixed Light Blocks being destroyable from inside whereas underwater (MCPE-148393)

Wandering Trader

  • The Wandering Trader now not opens or closes doorways (MCPE-113452)
  • The Wandering Trader now randomly strikes round (MCPE-45756)
  • The Wandering Trader now matches Java Edition’s consuming sounds (MCPE-47057)
  • The Wandering Trader now has disappear/reappear sound results when gaining/dropping Invisibility
  • The Wandering Trader can now be named with a Name Tag (this won’t forestall it from despawning)


  • Shulkers are now hearth immune (MCPE-33236)
  • Shulkers now stay in upright place in autos (MCPE-115269)
  • Shulkers now not fail to spawn when there’s one other Shulker at relative unfavorable y and x axis

Spectator Mode (Experimental):

Our preliminary implementation of Spectator Mode won’t embrace each function accessible within the Java Edition (corresponding to “mob view”, velocity management, and so forth.), we now have chosen to concentrate on the elements of spectator mode that we hope will likely be most helpful. We want to hear about bugs you will have discovered with the options which might be included at present, and you might now report these at bugs.mojang.com in the event that they haven’t been reported already. Any further parity breaks, function requests, or solutions for what so as to add subsequent must be made via feedback.minecraft.net.

What’s Currently in Scope

Enabling and Disabling

Players can swap to and from Spectator utilizing the Settings Menu and the ‘/gamemode spectator’ command, if cheats are enabled. Player stock, well being, held objects and so forth are unchanged when switching into spectator mode and then out once more


  • Spectators are all the time flying and can not develop into grounded
    • (For this model we won’t try motion parity with Java version, however might do extra on this space later)

World Interactions

  • Spectators move via strong blocks and entities with none collisions
  • Spectators can see out of strong objects
  • Spectators are usually not affected by any in-game blocks, mobs, objects, portals, or results and can not take harm
  • Portals at present have an effect on spectators, however it is a bug we intend to repair sooner or later
  • Spectators can not use objects or work together with blocks or mobs (for instance, they can not assault, feed, mount, or commerce with mobs)
  • Spectators can not open their stock or work together with block UIs like chests (This isn’t in parity with Java but)
    • Currently spectators that die drop their stock, it is a recognized subject that we wish to deal with

User Interface

  • Spectators have a decreased HUD that doesn’t present the crosshair, hotbar, XP, well being, starvation or armor

Visibility and Rendering

  • Spectators can’t be seen by mobs or different gamers besides different spectators
  • Spectators seem as a clear floating head (to those that can see them). The physique, arms, legs, armor and held objects are usually not rendered.
    • Currently the transparency doesn’t work appropriately for all pores and skin choice sorts, it is a recognized subject
  • When taking part in in first particular person, spectators don’t see their arm or held merchandise


  • Spectators generate chunks as regular (This isn’t in parity with Java but)
  • Spectators don’t trigger mobs to spawn

Spectator Bug Fixes:

  • Custom enter mapping for Spectator Mode added
  • Spectators are now unable to assault
  • Spectators are now unable to construct
  • Spectators are now unable to drop objects
  • Spectators are now unable to make use of objects
  • Spectators are now unable to open stock
  • Spectators are now unable to work together with the world via enter
  • Spectators are now unable to work together with chests or different container UI
  • Spectators now not fly slowly when getting into Spectator Mode from floor
  • Players enter noclip and flying when enabling Spectator Mode
  • Players cease using, utilizing objects, sleeping, and gliding when getting into Spectator Mode
  • Double-jump now not breaks Spectator Mode


Performance / Stability

  • Fixed a number of crashes that might happen throughout gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that might happen throughout splitscreen play
  • Fixed a crash that might happen when lightning hits a Lightning Rod in sure situations
  • Fixed a number of crashes that might happen on some Marketplace worlds
  • Fixed a crash that might happen when gamers are battling one another and each gamers are sporting Thorns enchanted Armor (MCPE-153593)
  • Fixed a crash that might happen when gamers died whereas affected by Wither
  • Fixed a crash which may happen when buying and selling with a Villager that final traded with a disconnected participant
  • Fixed a crash that may sometimes happen in Villages on iOS
  • Cleaned up leftover biome/block/gentle reminiscence when leaving a world
  • Fixed a difficulty that brought about Marketplace downloads to get caught in queue (MCPE-54531)
  • Fixed being unable to edit characters within the Dressing Room on Nintendo Switch (MCPE-156209)


  • Fixed a difficulty that brought about the participant to take fall harm after getting right into a Bed whereas falling (MCPE-153122)
  • Fixed subject the place the Invert Y Axis setting was not working appropriately with contact controls
  • The participant can now slide from motion instructions to leap and not get interrupted when soar and sneak are swapped on ‘Classic’ contact controls (MCPE-151149)

World Generation

  • Several enhancements to stage chunk mixing


  • Mobs don’t get caught into open Trapdoors anymore (MCPE-154106)
  • Fixed a difficulty inflicting the Parrot’s head to all the time face the participant whereas using the participant. We couldn’t deal with the fixed staring (MCPE-152510)
  • Villagers will now not start sleeping whereas using one thing close to a Bed
  • Illagers are now allowed emigrate to different villages and progress raids (MCPE-151310)
  • Trader Llamas can now breed after being fed Hay Bales
  • Trader Llamas will now not be persistent after being unleashed from the Wandering Trader (MCPE-102302)


  • Fixed a bug the place End Crystal beams would level far above their goal blocks
  • Blocks affected by gravity now fall appropriately on replaceable blocks (MCPE-152937)
  • Slabs can as soon as once more be positioned repeatedly (MCPE-151887)
  • Torches can now not be positioned on Bells


  • Fixed incorrect names for White Dye, Black Dye, Brown Dye, and Blue Dye (MCPE-153522)
  • Fixed a bug the place an undamaged instrument, corresponding to Pickaxe, when name-changed on an Anvil, would fail to work appropriately when used for the primary time (MCPE-152637)
  • The recipes for Minecart with Chest/Hopper/TNT are now shapeless
  • Fixed a bug the place the Trident, Bow, Spyglass and Crossbow wouldn’t render when picked up by a Fox (MCPE-135346)
  • Fixed a bug inflicting z-fighting to happen on backside of participant’s head whereas sporting a Skull (MCPE-149125)
  • Each Minecart variant (Chest/Hopper/TNT) drops itself as a single merchandise when damaged, as a substitute of splitting into two objects (corresponding to Chest and Minecart)


  • Fixed a difficulty that brought about Leads to render on high of Glass (MCPE-145764)
  • Fixed a bug inflicting the fireplace animation to flicker when the participant is standing in a Lava Cauldron whereas in Creative mode (MCPE-148999)
  • Fixed a difficulty that might trigger extreme visible glitches when utilizing emotes greater than as soon as (MCPE-155049)
  • Fixed graphical corruption points on Android gadgets (MCPE-155509)

User Interface

  • Minor adjustments have been made for Xbox gamers when switching accounts whereas the sport is open. See this article for particulars
  • Shift-clicking objects will as soon as once more mix objects of identical sort right into a stack (MCPE-153992)
  • Added settings to alter length of notifications
  • The “Submit Feedback” button is now described as a hyperlink by Text-To-Speech
  • Added acceptable messaging when there isn’t any web connection on Xbox gadgets
  • Fixed enchantment choice on Pocket UI Profile not being displayed
  • Fixed a bug the place objects may very well be dropped by clicking at nighttime grey space of the left facet of participant stock when utilizing Furnace, Blast Furnace, Smoker, Enchant Table, Grindstone, Brewing Stand, Anvil, Beacon, and Smithing Table
  • Players can now check in with a QR code on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles
  • Featured Servers message textual content is now not centered
  • “Controller misplaced connection” immediate will now be proven after the world era display if a controller was disconnected whereas on that display
Technical Updates:

Updated Add-On Template Packs

  • Updated Add-On templates for 1.19.0 with new assets, behaviors, and documentation, can be found to obtain at aka.ms/MCAddonPacks

Performance / Stability

  • Fixed a crash when loading a Behavior Pack with non-JSON object in entity parts, component_groups, and “add”/”take away” occasions (MCPE-151377MCPE-151380)
  • Fixed a crash that might happen when trying to render blocks that depend on biome information
  • Fixed a crash when trying to entry a null entity
  • Fixed a crash in variant associated to thrown potions and invalid potion IDs
  • Avoid crashes on sure gadgets when parsing Molang expressions with many OR or AND operators


  • Volume cases are now saved on the earth, persisting between play periods
  • Limit path strings and localized ID strings in data-driven blocks to 256 characters
  • Limit the size of crafting tag strings in CraftingTableElement to 64 characters
  • Limit the variety of parts within the material_instancessubject of the BlockMaterialsInstancesComponent to 64
  • Limit the variety of parts within the conditionsand block_filter fields of the BlockPlacementFieldComponent to 64
  • Updated documentation for originand measurement fields of the minecraft:block_collision and minecraft:aim_collisionparts
  • Set stack restrict for brewing station end result slot to 1, as to keep away from getting enter stacks being overwritten when the brew is full
  • Tied eat animation to eat length
  • Content errors for data-driven blocks improved to log useful resource pack, file, and block identifier
  • Limit size of the minecraft:geometrysubject of BlockGeometryComponent to 256 characters
  • Updated documentation for particular string sorts “Localization String”, “Path String”, and “Identifier String”


  • The ‘/spreadplayers’ command will now keep away from extra hazardous places
  • Reload command will now uncover new perform and script recordsdata
  • When a Command Block clones itself twice with the ‘/clone’ command, the cloned Command Block will now activate on the primary strive (MCPE-122188)
  • Command selectors now appropriately establish gamers by identify as a substitute of their identify tag
  • Title instructions fired earlier than a consumer was executed becoming a member of will now present as a substitute of being ignored
  • Added the ‘substitute entity’ overload to the ‘/loot’ command
  • Fixed a difficulty with teleporting an entity to a bit that has not been loaded since earlier than 1.18.30 would end result within the lack of that entity

Dedicated Server

  • Enabled the Windows Dedicated Server console to learn UTF-16 encoded Unicode enter (BDS-3791)


  • Entities that use KnockbackRoarGoal can as soon as once more correctly use entity filters to find out harm
  • Actor properties can now be utilized to participant entities. Updated community protocol model to assist this (MCPE-129628)
  • Actors utilizing motion prediction will as soon as once more teleport easily
  • Added in a verify to stop an actor that could be a passenger from being ridden by the automobile it’s on, stopping an infinite loop in search of the basis automobile (MCPE-133774)
  • Exposed new information parameter “can_sleep_while_riding” for “minecraft.habits.sleep”. If set to false, the purpose won’t begin if the mob is using
  • The is_moving filter now returns the proper worth when an actor is transferring
  • Added a target_block_filters to “habits.move_to_block” and “is_waterlogged” filter take a look at to stop mobs from transferring to blocks underwater (MCPE-153783)


  • Updated fog JSON schema to permit distance fog settings to make use of unfavorable worth as ‘fog_start’. Allowing close by blocks to even be tinted with fog coloration
  • Added adjustable fog impact that may develop or shrink over time. Users will get the sense of eyes adjusting when going into water

Item Components

  • Added new data-driven Item part minecraft:chargeable– Allows the merchandise to be charged (like Apples or Bows) when the use motion button is held on_complete – Trigger executed when the objects use length has been accomplished


  • Avoid clearing temp Molang variables throughout hand rendering

Watch a trailer for Minecraft The Wild Update (model 1.19.1) beneath.



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