15 Best Fan Made Pokemon Games to Play Today

Fan made Pokemon video games are independently-conceived artistic endeavors, constructed upon the basics of the Pokemon universe. But whilst they take inspiration from the franchise, in addition they spice issues up with totally distinctive storylines, talents, recreation mechanics, and even Pokemon sorts. These picks function a testomony to the inventive potential of novice players and builders and assist to protect the heritage of the decades-old online game franchise within the modern-day. Let’s check out among the finest home-brewed Pokemon video games for you to take pleasure in.


What Is Pokemon?

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Pokemon is among the hottest and globally-recognizable media franchises to come from Japan. The media franchise has been round for over 1 / 4 of a decade, spanning a number of anime sequence, films, and eight completely different generations of essential sequence video games below its belt.



Pokemon facilities on a fictional world the place people co-exist with lovable magical creatures known as Pokemon. Different species of Pokemon have completely different talents and temperaments, they usually can evolve and acquire new talents throughout era traces.

Most video games place the participant into the function of a Pokemon Trainer, whose essential goal is to catch, prepare, and battle Pokemon. With the assistance of a small handheld gadget known as the Pokedex, your mission is to catch all obtainable Pokemon to full the Pokemon database.



A Japanese developer named Satoshi Tajiri created the first-ever Pokemon recreation again in 1996. The recreation facilities round a fictional universe with magical creatures known as Pokemon, and Tajiri cited his childhood experiences catching and amassing bugs as his inspiration for the sport.


Commercial Performance

The online game sequence has bought over 380 million models of video video games from everywhere in the world, and this spans a number of generations of the sport. This makes it one in every of historical past’s prime 5 best-selling online game franchises, together with Mario Kart, Tetris, and Call of Duty. The sequence’ anime adaptation additionally earned the excellence of being essentially the most profitable anime adaptation of all time.


The Future of Pokemon

Even now, the franchise is exhibiting no indicators of slowing down. They’ve not too long ago introduced plans to launch remakes of the Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl video games. The firm can also be exploring utterly recent territory with the discharge of Pokemon Arceus, the very first open-world RPG model of the sport, and the hyper-interactive, augmented-reality (AR)-fueled Pokemon Go.

Nintendo has additionally introduced the event of a reasonably unusual but attention-grabbing sleep-tracking and gaming app known as Pokemon Sleep. While the app’s actual features stay unclear, it can reportedly observe your sleeping patterns whereas catching Pokemon on an automated mode while you’re doing so.


The Rise of Fan Made Pokemon Games

Fan Made Pokemon
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Pokemon builders Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures have launched a lot of Pokemon video games all through the years. But generally, they solely launch a median of 1 recreation per yr. For the vast majority of hardcore followers of the franchise, one recreation per yr is just not sufficient, and most followers are left wanting in between releases.

Luckily for the franchise, portion of their followers simply occur to be aspiring or skilled recreation builders. Together, these creators have give you a big selection of fan made Pokemon video games for you to play. Additionally, the vast majority of creators used RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials to create these video games.

It’s necessary to word that Nintendo doesn’t approve of those fan made Pokemon video games and has the proper to take them down. However, the corporate doesn’t seem to be actively looking for to pull down fan made video games, and fan bases try to maintain these video games obtainable on-line.


15 Best Fan-Made Pokemon Games to Play on PC

Fan Made Pokemon Games
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Whether you’re a large fan of the Pokemon sequence or just curious in regards to the twists and turns that fan made Pokemon video games have to supply, there are a number of choices you may strive. let’s take a better Let’s take a look at among the finest fan made Pokemon video games to give you nostalgic reminiscences out of your childhood.


1.Pokemon Karma

Pokemon Uranium is a fan made recreation created with the RPG Maker XP and launched in 2016. Nintendo initially eliminated the sport from its web site and its gaming server. Nonetheless, a devoted fan base continues to work to maintain the sport alive and obtainable.

Set within the brand-new Tandor area, the sport places you into the sneakers of a Pokemon coach. Your activity is to battle and conquer different Pokemon and their trainers throughout quite a lot of sectors within the area.

The recreation has a completely distinctive setting for you to discover. You also can gather up to 200 Pokemon sorts, 160 of that are fan-made. Aside from the standard story recreation, the sport additionally permits you to commerce Pokemon with others and a brand new system for battling Pokemon.


2. Pokemon Fairies

Fan Made Pokemon Games
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Pokemon Fairies is an lovable auto battler recreation and among the finest fanmade Pokemon video games. The recreation will get its title from its character designs, as you can be taking part in with lovable, anthropomorphic creatures. While you gained’t do battles or seize creatures, you can be fixing puzzles and crafting objects.

In Fairyland, the fairies are busy making ready for an infinite feast with fairy music, meals, and video games. Unfortunately, issues don’t go as deliberate because the evil fairy Imogen and her Impidimp staff sabotage the preparations. It is then up to you and your associate fairy to save the day.


3. Pokemon Psyduck Version

Fan Made Pokemon Games
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Pokemon Psyduck is one other fan made Pokemon recreation. It focuses on the Pokemon character Psyduck, a yellow duck with psychic powers continually besotted with complications. Psyduck’s psychic talents develop alongside along with his complications, and also you want to be careful!


4. Pokemon Emerald Kaizo

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo is one other recreation that carefully follows the unique and is among the finest fan made Pokemon video games. The recreation is a way more troublesome model of the Pokemon Emerald recreation, initially launched in 2004.

The recreation follows the identical characters, storyline, and development mechanics as the unique recreation. The solely exception that the battle mechanics are tougher and enemy responses extra lethal. Some of the Pokemon’s strikes have additionally been altered for the sport, however most modifications are solely minor.


5. Pokemon Bushido

Pokemon Bushido
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Pokemon Bushido is one other excellently crafted, turn-based, fan made Pokemon recreation could be. Developed utilizing the RPG Maker XP, the sport gives an attention-grabbing twist to the unique storyline. It makes use of 4th Generation-style graphics and Pokemon from Generation 8.

In the sport, you’re the son of the Royal Samurai, and also you’ve simply completed your coaching to change into a Kenshi (Pokemon catcher). However, after taking part in an initiation event, the sport unexpectedly attracts you into an alternate universe, right into a small city known as Aisha.

As you strive to make your manner residence, you will need to problem varied Kenshi clans and defeat the evil Akui clan answerable for creating Shadow Pokemon. You can even meet the protectors of the Aisha area, generally known as the “Three Katanas,” and uncover their tales.


6. Pokemon Dark Rising

Fan Made Pokemon Games
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Pokemon Dark Rising is a fan made Pokemon recreation created by DarkRisingWoman and her staff of novice builders again in 2012. The recreation gained recognition by the fanbase of the Pokemon FireRed online game. The recreation gained some stage of recognition to the purpose the place the builders created a number of iterations of the sport since its launch.

In the sport, you play as a Pokemon Trainer tasked with saving the Pokemon and people in your dream. Thereafter, you uncover that your finest pal Pete has the identical dream, and collectively you will need to discover a manner to catch all Pokemon to save them from the disasters occurring everywhere in the Core Region.


7. Pokemon FireRed

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Pokemon FireRed is a remake of the unique Pokemon FireRed recreation and among the finest fan made Pokemon video games primarily based on the sooner generations of Pokemon. It has the identical storyline as the unique, besides that the sport mechanics are way more troublesome.

Similar to the unique storyline, you get to play as a baby dwelling within the Pallet Town within the Kanto area. After wandering alone in a grassy space, Professor Oak enlists your assist finishing the Pokedex, an encyclopedia of Pokemon-related info.


8. Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is one other distinctive Pokemon expertise introduced to us by different Pokemon followers, and the sport is predicated on the Pokemon Fusion generator.

Similar to the unique recreation, Infinite Fusion takes place in a world the place a virus has proliferated. This permits Pokemon to mutate and fuse with one another. Professor Oak sends you on a mission to catch and battle as many Pokemon as you may so as to full the data required within the Pokedex.


9. Pokemon Reborn

As entertaining as it’s to play video games which can be nearly totally primarily based on the originals, some video games transcend the clichés and create their very own storylines from the bottom up. One such recreation is the Pokemon Reborn, and a developer named Amethyst created the sport utilizing RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials.

You will play as a Pokemon coach exploring the crumbling world of Reborn metropolis. It is your activity to regain the glory of town by battling towards quite a lot of gymnasium leaders to earn badges. The recreation options principally Generation 7 Pokemon, and there are 807 Pokemon in whole for you to catch and prepare.


10. Pokemon 3D

Pokemon 3D
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Pokemon 3D is the primary fan-made Generation 7 recreation, and among the finest fan made Pokemon video games which you can play. Subsequently, the sport tries to mix technique parts from the extremely in style Minecraft sequence with the auto battling parts of Pokemon.

The builders situate the sport for almost two years after the occasions of Pokemon Emerald. Trainers Matthew and Emerald arrive at a laboratory to select their starter Pokemon. Soon, the pair encounter Team Tsunami, whose goal is to take over Pokemon and substitute them with machines. With this in thoughts, your goal is to cease the staff earlier than it’s too late.

The recreation options essentially the most iconic Pokemon and areas throughout all generations. The recreation basically transforms the 2D setting of the Pokemon Gold and Silver variations right into a extra fashionable and visually-appealing 3D setting.


11. Pokemon Light Platinum

Pokemon Light Platinum is among the finest fan primarily based Pokemon video games. Moreover, it’s one of many few video games to convey legendary Pokemon from throughout a number of generations right into a single battlefield.

The recreation takes place within the new fictional city of Zhery, with a completely recent storyline, rivals, and challenges for you to face. Additionally, the sport permits you to sq. off towards Pokemon sorts that belong to completely different generations. The recreation additionally features a Pokemon World Championship the place you may battle with the easiest Pokemon.


12. Pokemon Godra

Pokemon Godra
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Pokemon Godra is one other extremely inventive auto-battler recreation and among the finest fan made  Pokemon video games. This recreation assessments the probabilities of a free-to-play setting in distinction to the usually structured setting of the Pokemon universe.

Like most video games whose titles are outlined by their areas, builders situate this gam inside the fictional metropolis of Godra. Unlike most Pokemon video games with a single, structured storyline, this recreation helps you to select between two recreation maps. Depending on the sport map you choose, chances are you’ll get a structured or unstructured storyline. The recreation additionally permits you to choose jobs to take alongside the best way so that you simply gained’t be caught with simply being a coach.


13. Pokemon Insurgence

Pokemon Insurgence is one other among the finest fan made Pokemon video games for you to play. It gives a recent tackle the standard plot of the franchise in addition to gaming mechanics. Not to point out, it brings again the idea of mega evolutions right into a 2D setting.

Pokemon Insurgence is among the few to delve into a lot darker and extra critical subjects, particularly pertaining to cults. The recreation additionally switches up the core mechanics, so as an alternative of battling trainers to earn badges, you battle different heroes to earn the proper to struggle the cults.


14. Pokemon Phoenix Rising

Pokemon Pheonix Rising is a Japanese role-playing recreation, and among the finest fan made Pokemon video games obtainable on-line. The recreation introduces a extra episodic method and extra concentrate on the RPG parts of gameplay than the unique storyline.

The plot facilities on the brand new, fictional world of the Hathorne area, the place oracles maintained peace and prosperity for hundreds of years. A so-called royal household unexpectedly reveals up, threatening to convert the area right into a land of chaos and warfare.


15. Pokemon Radical Red

Fan Made Pokemon Games
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Pokemon Radical Red is one other fashionable reimagining of a traditional Pokemon recreation, the Pokemon Fire Red. Fans of the unique recreation would know that the sport is on the simpler facet of the problem scale. So this recreation tries to experiment with a tougher model of the unique.

The recreation has the identical fundamental foundations as the unique, with the identical plot and mechanics. However, these video games additionally function new talents and re-balanced stats. Additionally, the sport provides you entry to extra legendary Pokemon and the choice to commerce Pokemon and re-battle gymnasium leaders you’ve already defeated.


Final Thoughts on the Best Fan Made Pokemon Games For You to Play on PC

Fan Made Pokemon Games
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This concludes our compilation of the very best fan made Pokemon video games for anybody in search of a recent tackle the unique video games. So far, these video games excel at creating new experiences and prospects inside the Pokemon universe. They do that both by modifying present video games or creating totally new tales. If there’s any doubt as to the recognition of the franchise, these video games attest to the enduring enchantment of the franchise by all these years. Moreover, whereas most video games might use higher visuals, they’re a uncommon glimpse into novice creators’ collective creativeness and potential.

It’s necessary to word that just about all objects on this listing are playable in singleplayer mode. However, chances are you’ll take pleasure in video games which can be extra social in nature, and that is what co-op video games are for. Here is an inventory of the best co-op games similar to “It Takes Two” to enjoy at home.

Now that you’ve entry to all kinds of video games, the following logical step could be to be taught how to download games for PC and console. 


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