Call Of Duty: Vanguard Season 3 Patch Notes Include Ranked Play Improvements And Double XP

(*3*) is formally reside in Vanguard, bringing a new battle pass, multiplayer map, operators, and extra. The patch notes for the large replace additionally embody some adjustments to Ranked Play mode, bug fixes, and a double XP occasion.

In order to have fun the brand new season, a “Max Double XP” occasion is now lively in Vanguard to assist gamers degree up sooner. Throughout the occasion, all gamers can take pleasure in double XP earn charges for normal participant development, weapon XP, operator XP, clan XP, and battle cross XP. The Max Double XP occasion can be reside till May 2.

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Season 3’s replace brings the Mayhem multiplayer map, new Trophy System Field Upgrade, and a bunch of enhancements to the sport. Some map fixes had been made, which embody a graphical corruption close to the Library on Eagle’s Nest and an adjusted P1 Hardpoint location on Bocage.

Vanguard’s Arms Race mode receives main sport enhancements for Season 3. These embody changes to destructible partitions and base gates that would not be correctly broken, and it fixes a difficulty the place operators wouldn’t be aligned with the bike whereas driving it. The replace additionally improves the tank’s means to traverse the terrain.

Vanguard’s Ranked Play mode is now formally out of beta for Season 3. Players’ Skill Ratings have been reset, and so they might want to play 5 Skill Evaluation matches to earn a Season 3 Skill Rating and get positioned right into a Skill Division and Tier. New seasonal rewards are additionally accessible to earn.

Ranked Play additionally comes with just a few adjustments and enhancements. Berlin was added to the mode as a Control map. Sledgehammer Games is working to fight inactive gamers in Season 3, now kicking the inactive gamers from Ranked Play matches, which additionally makes them eligible for suspension or penalties. Additionally, the Volkssturmgewehr assault rifle and Sledgehammer melee weapons have each been restricted from Ranked Play.

For Zombies, the seasonal replace is a bit mild. Players can count on new seasonal challenges to finish, and some fixes had been made to enhance gameplay and stability. Additionally, Season 3’s new weapons can be accessible to be used in Zombies as soon as they have been unlocked within the battle cross.

The full patch notes for Season 3 might be discovered beneath, as shared by Sledgehammer Games.

Additionally, Warzone additionally acquired a large replace for Season 3, which incorporates several map changes themed across the upcoming clash between Godzilla and King Kong. The patch notes for the replace additionally revealed some major weapon balancing, with big nerfs to sniper rifles and Vanguard’s hottest mild machine gun.



  • NEW: Mayhem

  • Bocage

  • Eagle’s Nest

  • Gavutu

  • Sub Pens


  • Control

  • Arms Race

    • General

      • Addressed a difficulty the place gamers throughout the blast radius of a Base weren’t correctly notified.

      • Destructible partitions on the Castle Base at the moment are correctly broken by the Demolition Charge Lethal Equipment.

      • Corrected the seize level boundaries at Base E to stop gamers from capturing from an unintended location.

      • Players will now not lose a Lethal Equipment after buying a Field Upgrade from a Buy Station.

      • Addressed a difficulty the place Base gates couldn’t be broken after deploying a Motorbike.

      • Improved the Tank’s means to traverse the terrain.

      • Addressed a difficulty the place Operators wouldn’t be aligned with the Motorbike whereas driving it.

      • Friendly Base gates will now not turn into caught after a participant detonates the Goliath Field Upgrade.

      • Weapons geared up with the Wreck Proficiency Attachment will now deal elevated harm to partitions, gates, and automobiles.

    • Stability & Exploits

      • Addressed a difficulty that triggered a deadly error crash when gamers be part of an in-progress match.

      • Increased the space at which enemies might be seen to stop engagements the place a participant is seemingly invisible.

      • Addressed an exploit the place gamers may survive out of the playable space utilizing automobiles.

      • Addressed an exploit that triggered gamers to turn into invulnerable when there aren’t any lives remaining.

      • Addressed an exploit the place gamers may acquire an unintended variety of Nebula Crates.

Ranked Play

  • Ranked Play Leaves Beta

  • Season 3 Skill Rating Reset

    • Players’ Skill Ratings have been reset firstly of Season 3.

    • Play 5 Skill Evaluation Matches to earn a Season 3 Skill Rating and get positioned right into a Skill Division & Tier.

    • Initial Skill Rating placement has modified in Season 3. Therefore, after their 5 Skill Evaluation matches, some gamers could discover that they get positioned beneath the place they had been initially positioned firstly of the Season 2 Beta.

    • Win matches after your preliminary placement to earn SR and advance your Skill Division & Tier over the rest of the Season.

  • Season 3 Top 250 Skill Division & Leaderboard

    • The Season 3 Top 250 Skill Division and Ladder will go reside on May 4th, one full week into Season 3, to offer gamers time to earn a Season 3 Skill Rating and advance by means of divisions.

  • General

    • Fixed the “Cricket Glitch” that was inflicting some gamers to have diminished efficiency and chirping noises on some maps.

    • Fixed a difficulty the place Ranked Play Camo Rewards would often unequip.

    • Inactive gamers will now be kicked from Ranked Play matches, making them eligible for Suspension or Ladder and Skill Rating penalties.

    • Added Berlin Control to the Ranked Play map rotation.

  • UI Updates

    • Skill Division Tiers now use Roman Numerals as an alternative of Numbers (Elite V, Elite IV, Elite III, Elite II, Elite I).

    • Once unlocked, Ladder Event Rewards accurately seem as unlocked on the My Career Rewards display screen.

    • All gamers can now see and preview the Ranked Legend Solange Operator Skin Reward on the “Division Rewards” tab on the Rewards Screen, no matter their present Skill Division.

    • Victory Flames now show behind Rank Icons on the Ladder and Top 250 Leaderboard when earned.

    • Updated the Top 250 Skill Division icon utilized in numerous areas.

    • Fixed a difficulty inflicting Skill Division icons to be incorrectly offset from participant Rank icons on some screens.

  • Restrictions

  • Season 3 Ranked Play Rewards

  • Ranked Play Matchmaking



  • NEW: Nikita AVT (Assault Rifle)

    • Accurate and dependable with best-in-class fireplace price, this AR might be outfitted to exceed in CQC or long-range fight eventualities.

    • Unlocked with Battle Pass at Tier 31.

  • NEW: M1916 (Marsman Rifle)

    • A semi-automatic rifle with a mixture of energy and fireplace price. Impressive at any vary within the fingers of a succesful marksman.

    • Unlocked with Battle Pass at Tier 15.

  • NEW: Sledgehammer (Melee)

    • A device designed for breaking stone, although it really works equally properly on enemy bones in a punch.

    • Unlock Challenge: Get a Multikill with a Melee Weapon in 15 totally different matches.

  • NEW: Skål Crusher (Melee)

  • Volkssturmgewehr (Assault Rifle)

  • Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle (Sniper Rifle)

  • Ice Axe (Melee)

  • General

    • Camo Challenges that require Headshots or Longshots at the moment are correctly tracked.

    • Progress towards unlocking the Plague Diamond Camo in Zombies is now correctly tracked.

    • Added unlock challenges for the Season Two Battle Pass weapons.



Field Upgrades

  • NEW: Trophy System

    • Deployable autonomous protection system that destroys as much as three close by items of apparatus and projectiles.

    • Available to all gamers upon logging in for the primary time throughout Season Three.

More on Trophy System

When we launched Vanguard final yr, our preliminary tuning on Lethal Equipment deemphasized their lethality in fight, focusing our fight on gun ability. With new explosive tools added in Seasonal updates and clear participant suggestions indicating its enchantment, it grew to become obvious that the Trophy System ought to make its debut.

Upon deployment, the Trophy System will defend its rapid radius from the next incoming and pre-established objects for a restricted time. Notably, the Throwing Knife is an exception to those defenses as a result of high-risk, high-reward nature of this Lethal Equipment.

  • Incendiary Grenade

  • Sticky Bomb

  • MK2 Frag Grenade

  • Gammon Bomb

  • Thermite

  • Demolition Charge

  • Molotov Cocktail

  • No. 69 Stun Grenade

  • MK V Gas

  • S-Mine 44

  • Decoy Grenade

  • Ammo Box

  • Trophy System

  • Jammer

  • Field Mic

User Interface & Experience

  • Party member Operators will now maintain the right showcase Weapon in the course of the foyer stroll sequence.

  • Proximity indicators are now not displayed on the HUD for the Sticky Bomb Lethal Equipment in Hardcore modes.

  • Arms Race, Control, and Patrol at the moment are correctly tracked within the Combat Record.

  • Improved the scrolling performance of the Friends and Recent Players lists.

  • Corrected the problem descriptions for the NZ-41 Survivalist and Type 11 Death Artist Camo Categories.

  • Addressed a difficulty that triggered participant microphone indicators to vanish.

Bundles & Cosmetics



  • Season Three

  • New Weapon Unlock Challenges added to Zombies for the KG40, Whitely, Sledgehammer, and Skål Crusher.



Side Quest



  • Addressed a difficulty the place gamers geared up with a melee weapon and deadly tools can be holding the tools like a weapon after being revived.

  • Addressed numerous visible and animation points with thrown melee weapons in Zombies.

Dedicated Server Pause

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