VPS identifies potential bunker fuel contamination crisis unfolding at Singapore

Marine fuel testing firm VPS on Thursday (31 March) highlighted latest findings relating to contaminated bunkers delivered to vessels within the port of Singapore, in line with Manifold Times.

On 11 March 2022, a VPS Bunker Alert first knowledgeable the corporate’s clients of chlorinated hydrocarbons being discovered and recognized in Heavy Fuel Oil (HSFO) deliveries just lately made in Singapore.

Over the course of February-March 2022, VPS recognized 34 vessels which acquired HSFO deliveries from two Singapore suppliers, which had been contaminated with as much as 2,000 ppm of chlorinated hydrocarbons.

These bunker fuel contaminations have affected 14 vessels to this point and the affect has been failure of the fuel system to the auxiliary engine leading to lack of energy and propulsion making a blackout, it states.

Fuel system failure arose from seizure of the fuel pumps and plunger and barrel corrosion, attributable to the bunker fuel contaminants.

It is value noting the HSFO fuel really met the ISO8217 specs upon every supply.

However, VPS, through it’s in-house GC-MS HS (Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Head Space) screening technique recognized the fuel contaminants listed beneath in every fuel. These had been subsequently confirmed and quantified by extra detailed forensic GC-MS strategies.

The issues listed above seem like persevering with to have an effect on an growing variety of vessels, in line with VPS.

The reason for this latest Singapore fuel high quality situation is because of completely different chemical contaminants to that which VPS recognized again in 2018, as the reason for the Houston fuel situation.

However, the variety of circumstances recognized at this time in Singapore, is at a better stage over the primary six weeks in comparison with the quantity recognized in Houston over the same time interval.

“The related issues because of this newest fuel contamination relating to, asset and vessel safety, crew well being & security and potential environmental-related points, can and can, have vital affect upon ship operators, when it comes to pricey damages and repairs, voyage delays and time-consuming claims, all drawing on their assets,” highlights VPS.


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