How To Increase Or Remove Tether Distance On ARK

Very few settings on ARK are chiseled in stone. You can change nearly every little thing about your recreation in case you have management over the server you’re enjoying on. Tether distance is among the changes individuals wish to improve or take away as a result of it may be very inconvenient for a server with a number of gamers. 

What is the Tether Distance?

A tether distance on ARK is the gap different gamers can journey from the host. As the gap will increase, so does the quantity of house that may be between the host and different gamers. 

Tether distance is a type of issues that exists for the sport’s efficiency quite than participant comfort. The decrease it’s, the much less stress there may be in your {hardware} to run ARK. This is as a result of it limits how a lot of the map the sport has to load. Each piece of the map consists of a variety of property, together with climate, shifting creatures, and surroundings options.

Tether distance is barely a difficulty should you’re internet hosting a non-dedicated session. Single-player periods and people with devoted servers don’t want to regulate it. There is not any want for a tether on single-player and devoted hosts have sufficient assets to not use a tether. Only non-dedicated periods incorporate it to allow you to host different gamers and play on the identical machine. 

Can I Change Tether Distance?

You can change tether distance to extend or lower it. As you make changes, needless to say your recreation would possibly endure or lag, particularly as you and the gamers you’re internet hosting transfer farther aside. Play with the settings to see what you possibly can improve it to with out impacting your system. 

Can I Remove Tether Distance?

While you possibly can’t delete the worth for tether distance, you possibly can set it manually. Therefore, you possibly can set it extremely excessive in order that functionally no tether distance exists. 

You can’t take away tether distance as a result of it’s constructed into the sport’s choices. When you click on Host/Local in ARK, you’re met with a collection of choices to refine your server. One of those is tether distance, and it’s at all times going to be accessible. 

It’s necessary to notice that altering or eradicating tether distance is barely doable on particular units. For instance, all PC gamers can change it. Some Xbox gamers can change it. There isn’t an choice for PlayStation gamers to vary the tether distance on a non-dedicated server right now.

Anyone internet hosting a devoted server can ignore the tether distance. It’s solely required in non-dedicated periods. 

How to Increase or Remove Tether Distance on ARK

For those that have entry to the tether choice, altering it’s easy and will be executed earlier than even beginning your recreation up. It’s a type of issues you must alter earlier than really launching the session. 

  1. Open ARK.
  2. Click Host/Local.
  3. Scroll down within the left pane.
  4. Drag the slider for Non-Dedicated Host Tether Distance. You can even sort in a quantity if you wish to improve it above 3.0.non-dedicated-host-tether-distance
  5. Start your recreation.

This is barely one thing you’ll want to do for a non-dedicated server. On a devoted server, characters can go wherever they please, and time passes each time the server is on-line, even when no gamers are logged in. 

What Happens if a Player Goes Past the Tether Distance?

A participant in your recreation can’t go previous the tether distance you’ve set. Think of the tether as a string between you and one other participant. Once the string is pulled as tight as doable, they snap again to you rather than going farther. This can impede their progress once they discover and journey with out realizing how far they’ve gotten. 

Other Considerations

If you’re enthusiastic about enjoying with a extra appreciable tether distance – or none in any respect – there are a couple of different issues you’ll want to contemplate.

Other Devices

Some units don’t have a tether distance. For instance, the Xbox Series X doesn’t require a tether distance if there are solely two gamers, so when a recreation is hosted by that console, the tether distance is eliminated. If a 3rd participant joins, then a tether distance is activated. 

Of course, the important factor to notice is that the Xbox Series X doesn’t forestall you from enjoying on a server with a tether distance. You’ll nonetheless be affected by it should you play on a server hosted on a unique machine that does require a tether distance setting.

Game Settings


Increasing the tether distance will be exhausting in your recreation. Changing a couple of settings to make it extra playable would possibly assist if rising your tether distance impacts your gameplay. You ought to change these when the sport is already operating by hitting Escape and selecting Settings. 

Graphics high quality refers to how good issues look on-screen. However, every improve to graphics high quality makes it tougher on your machine to run. When operating a server and internet hosting different individuals, you’re already utilizing extra assets than you’ll in single gamers.

Turn down the graphics high quality should you discover that you simply’re having bother with stuttering or graphical oddities when you play. You must also keep watch over the temperatures of the machine on which you’re enjoying. If they begin to creep up, reducing the graphics high quality would possibly assist.

Turn off distance discipline ambient occlusion as a result of it’s an costly choice that makes the sport look higher however doesn’t have an effect on gameplay in a major approach. Turning it off will help you run the tether at the next distance by redistributing property elsewhere.

All shadow settings must be turned down. You can flip them down in steps till you discover the proper compromise between graphic high quality and efficiency.

Light and sky-quality settings make your recreation look good. However, additionally they take a variety of assets to run. You can flip these down with out making an enormous distinction in how the sport seems.

View distance is a setting I favor to maintain on the max as a result of it makes it simpler to see creatures and constructions within the distance. When I’m experimenting with mods or settings that max out my system, although, I’ll cut back it a bit. Having much less to load in means there’s much less influence on the sport.

Settings that have an effect on your character or creatures like tame charge and well being restoration received’t enhance the efficiency to compensate for the change within the tether distance. You should give attention to settings like view distance and the way high-quality the graphics are as a result of reducing these implies that the sport takes up fewer technical assets. 

Increasing or eradicating the tether distance on non-dedicated servers could make it extra enjoyable because you and your mates can wander farther away from one another. However, you possibly can compensate for the pressure in your system by making different changes.

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