Duplicate Bridge: Dec. 25, 2021 | Recreation

Duplicate scores from Bridge Base Online

Week of Dec. 13 to Dec. 19

Buffalo Bridge Center Monday night – 0-750 sport. North-south, Paula Rosen and Linda Milch, 73.68%; James and Michael Hassett, 58.07%; Jo Ann Smith and Maria Schory, 53.04%; east-west, Violet and Jasbeer Makhija, 59.92%; Ruth Nawotniak and Richard McGowan, 58.20%; Leslie Deich and Mary Holmes, 56.75%; Jennifer and Howard Epstein, 50.13%.

Buffalo Bridge Center Tuesday afternoon – 0-1,150 sport. (Tie) Pat Haynes and Audrey Ray, John Marvin and Sol Messinger, 56.25%; Larry Himelein and David Schott, 51.25%.  

Buffalo Bridge Center Wednesday morning – Swiss groups. Bala Srinivasan, Georganne Mackaronis and companions, 97 victory factors; Jim Greno, David Taylor and companions, 80 vps; Terry and Bram Hamovitch, Bonnie Clement and Agi Maisel, 69 vps.

Buffalo Bridge Center Wednesday morning – Open sport. Chris Urbanek and John Sinclair, 66.67%; Saleh Fetouh and Jay Costello, 61.46%; Sharon Benz and Judy Graf, 47.92%.

Buffalo Bridge Center Thursday morning – 0-1,500 sport. North-south, Agi Maisel and Tova Reinhorn, 63.10%; Maria Schory and Jim Hassett, 59.92%; Martha Townson and Jim Lanzo, 58.33%; east-west, Larry Himelein and David Schott, 58.33%; Richard McGowan and Bill Rich, 53.97%; Rivona Ehrenreich and Judith Babat, 53.17%.


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