What other VPs have taken over presidential powers?

There have been no less than three other famous situations in our nation’s historical past.

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — President Joe Biden will transfer power over to Vice President Kamala Harris for just a few hours Friday whereas he undergoes a “routine colonoscopy,” in line with the White House. 

The transient switch would be the first time in our nation’s historical past {that a} girl will maintain presidential energy, even when briefly.

“…following the method set out within the Constitution, President Biden will switch energy to the Vice President for the transient time period when he’s below anesthesia,” Press Secretary Jen Psaki mentioned, per the Associated Press. “The Vice President will work from her workplace within the West Wing throughout this time.”

And whereas Harris will briefly take the reigns, she’s not the primary vp to do it.

Former President George W. Bush transferred presidential energy over to then-Vice President Dick Cheney twice throughout his time as our nation’s chief. 

According to UC Santa Barbara, each occasions have been when Busch underwent a colonoscopy. The first occurred in June 2002, with the second following go well with in July 2007.

The college’s data additionally present former President Ronald Regan transferred energy to George H.W. Bush for a majority of a day in 1985 whereas he had colon most cancers surgical procedure.

Under the 25th Amendment, each time the president determines they’re “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his workplace” it must be submitted in writing to the president professional tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

From there, powers and duties are discharged to the vp as appearing president till one other written declaration is submitted acknowledging their potential to renew the position.

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