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Ronald Reagan stated: “The bother with our Liberal pals isn’t that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so a lot that isn’t so.” That applies to a lot “typical knowledge.” What differentiates “liberals”—at present “progressives” in politics, tradition, schooling and information media—from believers within the tooth fairy, Easter bunny and Santa Claus, is the boastful certitude that their (unadmitted) “ignorance” and fantastical pondering ought to information and rule us.

It shouldn’t take years to show fallacies with large penalties; truths, evident from the beginning, ought to take their rightful place in accepted historical past. Many falsehoods masquerade as actuality, demanding our acquiescence in thought and motion.

The now-completely-debunked narrative was hatched by Hillary Clinton: The “Trump colluded with Putin’s Russia to affect the 2016 election” hoax, created out of complete fabric solely to deflect from Hillary’s “non-public e-mail server” scandal.

The indictments issuing from the John Durham investigation into that conspiracy—to besmirch candidate-then-President Donald J. Trump—show the precise coordination, collusion, conspiracy and diabolical manipulation by anti-Trump events, together with Russians.

Even the Washington Post has needed to revise years-old “information” items in gentle of the indictments of
Sussman, Danchenko and different unnamed-but-known members. Partisan hack disseminators of prevarications, MSNBC and CNN, are actually uncovered frauds.

The “Pied Piper” of the phony collusion story, Adam Schiff, remains to be taken critically, soberly when he lies by means of his enamel that he couldn’t have recognized that the Steele Dossier, the FISA warrants and, therefore, his investigations, the Mueller report and finally the complete impeachment charade—have been all predicated not on ignorance however on fabrications.

Some left-leaning, however well-meaning, native readers could have seen accuracies on this column over its 16+ years of calling out the leftist lies about then-President Bush, the Iraq War, the Obama/Schumer/Pelosi charades, the media-enabled Obama scandals, and the Trump-Russia collusion hoax. Good-hearted residents, look objectively on the information sources you’ve relied upon, now proven to have deliberately, knowingly misled you; think about giving discuss radio, Fox News and Newsmax your consideration.

The now-discredited sources collectively let you know falsehoods about COVID, vaccine and masks mandates, Biden/Schumer/Pelosi’s “Infrastructure” and “Build Back (Broker) laws,” 2020 election fraud, the January 6 disturbance (provably not an “revolt”), the financial system, inflation, the Rittenhouse trial, and so on.

We’re instructed that wages are rising, however not the very fact that inflation is outpacing these features (MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle lamented that Democrats’ “nice financial story” isn’t getting out). See “Real Wages Declined 0.5% in October Amid Mounting Inflation,” by Brad Polumbo,, Nov. 11.

“Politicians, together with President Biden, are fast to level to the very fact that nominal wages are rising—however they’re leaving out essential context.” Wages now lag inflation (B.L.S. chart goes again to Jan. 2019). Starting final March, the “Average Hourly Earnings” dropped under the “Consumer Price Index” and stay under that curve. Gee, what occurred pre-April? Biden-crat $trillion+ stimulus. Coincidence?

“[BBB is] a framework that will create tens of millions of jobs, develop the financial system, put money into our nation and our folks, flip the local weather disaster into a chance…” Biden stated just lately. “It’s fiscally accountable…totally paid for.” Unless your information sources dispute such blather, you might be being lied to.

“Ivy League Analysis Destroys Biden’s Entire Argument for Multi-Trillion-Dollar ‘Build Back Better’ Spending Plans (B. Polumbo,, Nov. 6). Wharton School of Business discovered that the $1.85 trillion proposal truly approaches $4.25 trillion: Tax will increase received’t pay for all of it; debt goes up by lots of of billions of {dollars}; wages barely improve however the financial system shrinks; enterprise funding and hours labored would decline.

Tax Policy Center, in “Whoops: Biden Spending Bill Would Break His Pledge on No New Taxes on Middle Class,” (Nick Arama,, 11/12), finds: 1) Almost a 3rd of middle-income households would pay extra taxes in 2022; 2) low-income earners might pay $100; 3) $200,000-500,000 earners might pay $230 extra; 4) the upper stage for “SALT” (state/native tax) deductions would truly improve after-tax earnings for $370,000-870,000 earners.

Low- and middle-income lessons can pay extra taxes—however many rich can pay much less. As Ludwig von Mises put it, “The authorities and its chiefs should not have the powers of the legendary Santa Claus. They can’t spend besides by taking out of the pockets of some folks for the advantage of others.”

Biden’s appointees: harmful, despotic. FCC appointee Gigi Sohn advocates censoring and destroying conservative discuss radio and Fox News by stopping broadband suppliers from carrying them. Comptroller of the Currency nominee, Saule Omarova—proud alumna of Moscow State University (Russia), winner of the 1988-89 Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship: 1) desires to remove oil, coal and pure gasoline, bankrupting and unemploying tens of millions of vitality companies and staff; 2) “There will probably be no extra non-public financial institution accounts, and the entire deposit accounts will probably be held straight on the Fed.”

Wuhan Flu replace: Masks stay scientifically largely ineffective; Biden’s vaccine mandates, and the CDC, ignore pure immunity from recovered COVID sufferers—they’re provably disingenuous; the mandates are clearly unconstitutional for personal companies; non secular exemptions (and pure immunity) are legitimate however ignored by army and authorities despots wanting management, ignoring science.

Pharmaceutical commercials should state negative effects and dangers—urging physician recommendation—however not COVID vaccines that are behind many collapses and coronary heart issues (myocarditis) for youthful males and boys (FDA Adverse Event Reporting System and quite a few world information studies). The “emergency interval” is over—why do pharmaceutical firms nonetheless have legal responsibility waivers?

Most of us—who haven’t had the an infection or don’t have allergic reactions to substances—ought to get COVID photographs and boosters, however not youngsters until a health care provider advises it. The FDA obstructs COVID therapies. Why?

Don Polson has known as Red Bluff dwelling since 1988. He might be reached by e-mail at [email protected]

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