Battlefield 2042 review | PC Gamer

What is it? The newest in an extended operating sequence of large-scale multiplayer warfare shooters.
Expect to pay: $60/£50
Developer: DICE
Publisher: EA
Reviewed on: Intel Core i5-9600K, 16GB RAM, Nvidia RTX 2070 Super
Multiplayer? Yes, as much as 128-players. Singleplayer and co-op are potential with bots.
Link: Official site

I wasn’t certain whether or not or not Battlefield 2042’s randomly-appearing tornadoes may decide up autos till my squad’s ATV was inhaled by one. As we tumbled skyward, I had to select: Ride it out within the gunner’s seat or eject? I bailed. Our driver remained on the wheel, trusting that “all-terrain” included the sky. Two seconds later the automobile fell right into a area like a bomb and incinerated him.

Even after twenty years of streamlining, Battlefield nonetheless has nice comedic timing. And despite the fact that the trendy FPS scene is now stacked with huge maps and kooky automobile physics (hello, Halo Infinite), Battlefield continues to really feel distinct from the milsims and battle royale video games which have encircled it. With Battlefield 2042, DICE stands its floor because the king of large-scale navy shenanigans way more convincingly than it did with Battlefield 5, ditching singleplayer campaigns to concentrate on the 2 authentic pillars of the sequence: objective-based multiplayer and scale. What was a 64-player recreation for 20 years is now a 128-player recreation, with proportionally larger maps, placing Battlefield again within the class of video games that push technical boundaries.

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