What is the Citra resolution hack and how to use it?

What is the Citra resolution hack?

So, you tried taking part in 3DS video games in your Android telephone with the Citra emulator. But you had low FPS, lags, and uneven sound. We will present you how to repair lags with the assist of the Citra resolution hack, utilizing easy steps.

What is the Citra emulator?

Citra is an open supply emulator that enables you to play Nintendo 3DS video games in your pc, pill or smartphone. It is accessible on Windows and Android.

There are two variations of Citra emulator on Android, one is the official app made by the Citra crew. The different one is a fork of the official app, it’s referred to as Citra MMJ, and made by Weihuoya.

What are the variations between the official Citra and Citra MMJR apps?

Citra MMJ helps cheat codes. It additionally has many settings that aren’t current in the official Citra emulator app. The official Citra app helps save states, whereas the Citra MMJ construct doesn’t have this function.

Can I’ve each Citra MMJ and official Citra put in on my telephone?

Yes, you possibly can have each apps put in at the identical time. They use totally different settings recordsdata (config.ini and config-mmj.ini)

How do I velocity up Citra emulator?

I stumbled upon a repair for enhancing the FPS in 3DS video games, lately on reddit. It explains how to repair lags in Citra 3DS emulator on Android, and get extra frames per second in video games.

Citra Resolution Hack

1. Close the Citra MMJ app.

2. Open a textual content editor app. If you don’t have one, use the open supply app referred to as Markor.

3. Navigate to the citra-emu folder.

How do I speed up Citra emulator?

4. Tap on the config listing.

5. Select the file that has the title config-mmj.ini.

Citra Resolution Hack

If you’re utilizing the official Citra app, you want to edit the config.ini file.

6. Scroll down to the backside of the textual content file, until you see the resolution issue. The default worth of this setting is between 1 to 4.

7. Set the resolution issue = 200

8. Save the file.

Citra Resolution Hack Android - save

9. Open Citra MMJ, don’t modify any settings.

10. Load the sport. You will in all probability see a black display screen and some audio taking part in. Don’t fear, this is regular.

How to improve performance in Citra emulator - Black Screen

11. Access the app’s menu by swiping from the proper aspect of the display screen. Select Settings and scroll down to the resolution, it will likely be set at 4.

How to improve performance in Citra emulator

12. Lower the resolution to 1, 2 or 3 relying in your gadget’s {hardware} capabilities.

How to improve performance in Citra emulator on Android

Your sport ought to now run higher than regular, and you’ll get 4-5 FPS greater than earlier than.

Editing the resolution after applying the Citra resolution hack

Do I’ve to do that each time I play a sport?

Yes, it might get annoying, however there is no everlasting resolution for this. If you exit the sport, Citra MMJ will reset the resolution issue. You will want to set it to 200 once more, earlier than taking part in the sport.

Does this trick repair all video games which lag?

It works with some video games, not all. Pokemon X and Y for instance run badly on the default settings on my telephone. Without the resolution hack, the sound is uneven and the body price is poor. The Citra resolution edit fixes the drawback, and I can play it at 2x resolution with 30FPS, 60 VPS, 100 Speed with the music taking part in appropriately.

The sport’s efficiency will enhance as you proceed taking part in it, and the shader cache builds up.

Performance of 3DS video games with out the Citra resolution hack

Redmi Note 10 Pro (Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G, Adreno 618, 6GB RAM

  • Bravely Default, Pokémon Omega Ruby,  Alpha Sapphire, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time ran at 4x resolution with most efficiency. 30 FPS 100% velocity.
  • Pokemon X and Y at 1x ran at 20 FPS 70% velocity. Choppy music, main lagging points.
  • Pokémon Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon – 1x – 25 FPS 80% velocity. Choppy sound, minor lags

ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1 – Qualcomm Snapdragon 636, Adreno 509, 3GB RAM

  • Bravely Default – 2x resolution – 27 FPS, 97% velocity – barely uneven sound
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – 2x, 29 FPS, 99% velocity – occasional body drops, excellent music
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby – 1x, 20 FPS, 70% velocity – main lags, audio points
  • Pokemon X – 1x, 10 FPS, 30% velocity – main lags, stuttering audio
  • Pokemon Ultra Sun – 1x, 20 FPS, 70% velocity – main lags, audio points

Performance of 3DS video games with the Citra resolution hack.

Redmi Note 10 Pro

  • Pokémon Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon – 3x resolution – 30 FPS 100% velocity, excellent sound
  • Pokemon X, Y – 2x resolution – 30 FPS 100% velocity – no lags, excellent audio

Bravely Default freezes with the resolution edit. But you possibly can play it on 4x velocity on the Note 10 Pro with out the hack.

ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1

  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – 2x, 30 FPS, 100% velocity – no lags or audio points
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby – 1x, 27 FPS, 92% velocity – minor lags and sound issues
  • Pokemon X – 1x, 25 FPS, 85% velocity – minor lags and barely stuttering audio
  • Pokemon Ultra Sun – 1x, 26 FPS, 90% velocity – minor lags and audio points

How do I set Citra to 60 FPS?

You will want to use a cheat code for the sport, and apply it utilizing the emulator.

How do I allow cheats in the Citra Android app?

You will want to use Citra MMJ, open the emulator and lengthy press on a sport’s title to enter the cheats editor. You can paste cheat codes, or toggle the ones listed there.

Citra MMJ Android - Cheat Code Editor

My video games are working too quick in Citra, how do I repair this?

It is in all probability since you enabled a 60fps cheat code. You will both have to disable it, or restrict the emulation velocity to 50% to play at the regular velocity.

The Official Citra Android app is draining my battery, what’s mistaken?

This is regular. The official model of Citra tends to use extra sources than Citra MMJ. As a consequence, the telephone heats up and the battery drains sooner.

 What are the greatest graphics settings for Citra on Android?

The Dual Core and {hardware} shader choices must be enabled as they enhance the efficiency of video games. Accurate Multiplication is off by default, don’t allow it except you’re experiencing graphical glitches in video games. E.g. Pokemon graphics seems white or black, Zelda Ocarina of Time might not show icons in the stock (like the protect, sword). The Shader kind must be set at Normal Shader with Cache.

Post-Processing impact is turned off by default, enabling this reduces the efficiency. Custom Textures requires you to obtain textures from third-party websites, utilizing extra textures impacts the efficiency. CPU-Usage Limit is greatest left disabled, in any other case Citra will use much less sources and run slower. Speed Limt modifications the emulation velocity, 100% is the regular velocity, whereas 50% performs it at half the velocity. Factor-3D must be set at 0.

The New 3DS Model and CPU JIT settings significantly improves Citra’s efficiency, and must be enabled. Some video games received’t run except you use the New 3DS mannequin choice. Audio stretching is disabled by default, don’t allow it, because it causes the sound to stutter.

Which Citra settings have the most affect on efficiency?

The resolution settings are the most necessary choice in the Citra emulator. Toggle the Show FPS from the app’s settings. This will place a counter in the high left nook of the display screen.

Try altering the resolution from 1x to 2x, 3x and 4x. Your sport might begin lagging on greater resolutions. Ideally, you need to intention for optimum FPS, VPS and Speed. For instance, if the velocity is 99-100% on resolution 2x, however has dangerous efficiency on resolution 3x, then you need to stick to the 2x resolution.

Enable the FMV Hack in the in-game menu, to cut back lags throughout the sport’s intro. Skip Slow Draw and Skip CPU Access can cut back lags, however trigger graphical points, I like to recommend leaving them disabled.

How do I improve the Resolution in Citra?

Swipe from the proper of the display screen in Citra MMJ, choose settings and set the inner resolution. Citra official app customers will want to swipe from the high of the display screen to entry the settings, click on on graphics and then set the resolution.

Which resolution is the greatest for 3DS video games in Citra?

3DS video games range significantly when it comes to graphics, which in flip means their efficiency will differ. This relies on your gadget’s {hardware} too. If you could have a flagship telephone with a Snapdragon 855 processor or above, you possibly can probably run video games in 4x resolution.

On the different hand, in the event you’re gaming on a Snapdragon 700 or 600 sequence gadget, you might have to cut back the resolution to 2x for many video games. But like I stated earlier, this varies from sport to sport, for instance Bravely Default can run at 4x resolution flawlessly on a Snapdragon 732G with out the hack, whereas Pokemon X and Y have uneven sound and lags even at resolution 1x.

Most video games look blurry on 1x resolution, the graphics seems to be a lot better on 2x, whereas 3x and 4x make them crisp and beatiful.

What is FPS, VPS and Speed?

FPS refers to body price per second. It is value mentioning that almost all 3DS video games run at 30 FPS, so in the event you see 29-30 FPS that is regular. VPS stands for Vertical Interrupts Per Second, it mainly refers to the refresh price. If Citra exhibits 60 VPS, it means the sport is working at 60Hz refresh price. Speed represents the emulation efficiency, as in emulation velocity.

Which Android telephone is greatest for emulation?

Emulation is closely depending on the CPU and GPU, this is the cause why Qualcomm Snapdragon processors with Adreno GPUs, significantly the SD800 sequence, affords considerably higher body charges than MediaTek and Exynos processors with their Mali GPUs.

If you possibly can afford a telephone with a Snapdragon 855+ or 860 or 870 or 888 or 888+ processor, you’ll get the greatest emulation expertise attainable. We have performed 3DS video games on Snapdragon 730 and Snapdragon 732G too, and they labored high quality.

Do all 3DS video games work on Citra Android?

No. While many video games are absolutely playable, some video games don’t run in any respect. Please refer to the Citra compatibility list to examine if the sport you need to play works with the emulator. Please bear in mind that this compatibility checklist is targeted on the Desktop model of the emulator.

Most turn-based video games aka JRPGs work effectively on Citra. 3D heavy video games like the Mario sequence has combined outcomes, however must be playable on 1x or 2x resolutions.

Should I use CIA or 3DS recordsdata?

Citra can play the video games instantly from decrypted 3DS recordsdata, however has to set up CIA video games to play and that takes up extra space for storing

Can I replace a 3DS sport utilizing a CIA file?

Yes, you possibly can replace your .3DS ROM with a CIA file. Just open the CIA replace and Citra will set up the patch. We did this with the Pokemon X rom.

Which app ought to I use, Citra official or Citra MMJ?

We suggest utilizing Citra MMJ for greatest efficiency. It is designed to run on decrease finish gadgets, however we discover it to be higher even on excessive finish telephones. Many customers declare to have performed video games on Snapdragon 665 gadgets, and telephones with MediaTek and Exynos processors, utilizing the Citra MMJ emulator.

If your Android telephone can’t play 3DS video games easily, attempt the Citra resolution hack, earlier than shopping for a brand new telephone. It received’t make your gadget magically begin taking part in video games at 30fps and 3x resolution, but it surely gives you just a few extra frames to make the sport playable.

If you need to play Nintendo DS video games in your telephone, try the MelonDS emulator, it is free and open supply.

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