Some email issues have simple solutions

Q: I not too long ago seen that the checklist of emails in my iPad have been completely different from my desktop. I at all times thought as I deleted an email from one gadget, the opposite can be the identical. Today, I seen that they have been completely different. What’s happening?

— Spouse Peripheral, Bluewater Bay

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A: Regular readers will acknowledge the moniker of the asker of the above query as my fantastic spouse, Wendy. As such, I have a little bit extra insider info than I usually would if another person had requested the query.

For instance, I do know she has a number of email accounts, and that they’re from a number of suppliers. I do know the accounts are arrange utilizing the IMAP protocol, and never POP3. I do know that is why S.P. expects the email on a number of gadgets to be in sync with one another.

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