She’s nibbling her way to becoming an Apple fan


Stacey Hatton works on her previous Microsoft PC in 2003.

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Do you utilize a Mac or are you a Microsoft Windows fan? You say “Apple,” I say “applesauce.” It’s humorous to me how persons are extremely loyal to one or the opposite. Don’t reward Microsoft in entrance of an Apple loyalist, or vice versa. Each aspect boasts it’s the superior product line, however I say tomato (or potato). But transferring on, previous the produce aisle.

During the mid Nineties, I moved to NYC to carry out on Broadway. What does which have to do with my laptop selection? I’m getting there.

It’s frequent for each actor to pay his or her dues earlier than touchdown a prized position, so to pay my obscene quantity of lease cash each month, I labored as what we known as in showbiz, a temp. One of my favourite long-term placements was as a brief administration assistant for one of many many vice presidents of the New York Microsoft workplace. It nonetheless tickles me that I moved to the Big Apple to work for Microsoft.

Since I began at Microsoft not lengthy after the invention of Windows (perhaps a couple of weeks after the mega launch), the workplace was nonetheless aglow. According to my job coach there, younger VPs immediately turned millionaires in a single day and had been sort of bonkers about it. Who wouldn’t be? The workplace was a joyous place to work. If there was any job dissatisfaction it was smoothed over with all these zeros on their paychecks.

One of my obligations was to edit the guide for the brand new merchandise, so I realized a ton about MS Office merchandise, which has come in useful ever since. I feel the thrill of being a tiny part of Microsoft, plus the familiarity of the software program, made me a Microsoft loyalist.

I solely carried out in a single present whereas residing in NYC. My position within the off-off-Broadway manufacturing of “Godspell” took my evenings for a lot of months, however sadly, I wasn’t heading towards the Great White Way, so I continued temping for Microsoft and within the evenings I began writing my first stage play about my New York journey, utilizing Microsoft software program.

As Elaine in TV’s “Seinfeld” mentioned, “Then yada, yada, yada.” I moved again to Kansas. Fast ahead 12 years and I used to be married and beginning a household. We used MS for a number of years since my writing initiatives had been in that format, however my husband wanted to use a Mac so I compromised after I realized I may merge my work within the new format.

It was then, about 10 years in the past, when my unfounded phobia of Apple shops started. The shops had been nice. The staff educated and pleasant. But it was an entire new world and vocabulary; plus, my human onerous drive was nearly full, so I used to be sluggish to be taught and embarrassed to admit it.

When we obtained that first Mac product, we bought a one-year coaching expertise at any of their shops. I simply wanted to arrange the appointment and have some younger individual present me the ropes. So…that didn’t occur. I blamed it on being busy with two younger women, however in hindsight I used to be scared. To be sincere, I didn’t step into an Apple retailer till final week. A decade can do wonders in your worry of one thing.

I walked into a stupendous retailer and was met by a smiling individual, who directed me to the again of an extended line. My abdomen twisted up, my mouth went dry. Anxiously, I assumed, “I’m going to be right here all day.” My anxiousness voice was unsuitable. I used to be swiftly moved up to the Apple Genius Bar, the place a smarty would help me with “my daughter’s damaged ear bud/pod thingies” (interpretation AirPods). I waited for my “genius” on a cute little picket seat, which was not fashioned for the common tush.

To cross the time, I circled and panicked noticing how many individuals had been within the retailer. I counted greater than 50 unmasked visitors and employees in whole. Social distancing was not taking place with this group. I’m vaccinated and have been working round city sans masks per Kansas state pointers, however this simply felt like a breeding floor for the Delta variant.

Instantly a girl two seats over from me sneezed. Yikes! I yanked a crumpled-up masks up to my face. Catching my demise at an Apple retailer wasn’t going to occur. An Apple a day doesn’t preserve COVID away.

And by the way, the younger man who assisted me was a genius, fastened my drawback, lightened my worry of the shop and didn’t make me really feel like an fool (an excessive amount of). I would even return quickly. Witha masks.

Stacey Hatton might be reached at [email protected].

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