The President’s Daughter review: Bill Clinton’s ultimate male fantasy is unwittingly hilarious

The President’s Daughter

ailing Clinton and James Patterson

Century €12.99

You don’t learn 596 pages of fiction by former US President Bill Clinton (even when he is duetting with James Patterson) for sheer enjoyment of the prose fashion. I learn it within the hope that it’d reveal some insights into the unconscious of Bill and his long-suffering spouse Hillary.

The President’s Daughter by Bill Clinton and James Patterson is formally a novel-cum-thriller a few father’s seek for his daughter Mel, who has been taken by terrorist Al-Asheed whereas on a hike. It tells the story of former president (and one-time Navy SEAL) Matthew Keating’s private rescue mission – and presumably Clinton’s ultimate male fantasy.

This includes the previous head of Mossad, an ex-Saudi intelligence official, Black Hawk flights out of Libya, US Air Force Boeing C-40s, Secret Service particular brokers and the rescued daughter saying: “I’m dying for a cheeseburger.”

In chapter 136, Clinton and Patterson write that President Pamela Barnes is alone within the White House sipping her “day by day Glenlivet on ice” when the TV display screen flashes the information: “A variety of necessary paperwork, blueprints and laptop drives have been seized. Good information, all proper. But not significantly for her.”

You can’t assist absorbing this with out considering of the controversy over Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal electronic mail server as Secretary of State underneath Barack Obama, one thing that killed her 2016 race for the White House and helped elect Donald Trump.

“She finishes off her drink. Decides it’s time for one more.”

Is it simply me who imagines Hillary secretly consuming her manner by way of the Trump years which ought to have rightfully been hers?

Earlier, when the authors make the remark that “they are saying politicians ought to by no means cry in public, however now I don’t care”, I used to be reminded of Hillary in tears throughout her presidential marketing campaign, and her political enemies declaring this as proof that she was “not powerful sufficient” for that very massive job within the White House.

There is an intriguing remark by one of many characters: “Most Washington DC journalists are 27 years outdated, no actual expertise aside from reporting on political campaigns, and so they actually know nothing.”

The President’s Daughter, Clinton and Patterson’s sequel to their 2018 thriller, The President is Missing, is unwittingly humorous in components, not least for the pure awfulness of the writing in locations.

“His eyes flicker. He smiles. He whispers: ‘Good.’ Then he dies.”

Somewhat little bit of me died studying this, too. 

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