Removal of useless apps (if they are gone they cannot run for any reason)

I had hopes that Apple would lastly strive some consideration to customers and permit us to take away useless apps from Our techniques by this time.

No, it seems they did the other and added extra nagging and useless (to me) apps.

It begins with the same old clever option to take away bloatware that reduces Users sources… and likewise remove lifeless code (code that has no motive to run on the set up).

However, it has grown to past that. Now, I need to take away the nags which haven’t any worth to anybody (apart from to additional exacerbate the issue of bloatware). I’ve no motive for virtually all of the pressured apps. These embrace however are not restricted to:
– Music (silence is the very best aural leisure for me)
– Podcasts (by no means heard one.. haven’t any want to vary.. if I did it would be on my Android for portability)
– Photo sales space (no digicam … no want)
– Maps (this method will not journey… no want for that both)
– Voice memos (I didnt even do that when it was clever and we carried cassette recorders)
– Stocks (sorry … no playing right here.. and worse… it has deep permissions and unremovable account)
– News (nope… not information to me…. my information comes from sources not regurgitators)
– Home (Since it has no seen use in a networked rendering engine… additionally undesired)
– Find My (it’s on my desk… solved … no want for the app)
– Contacts (bought them the place they belong … in my cellphone or in my e mail server)
– TV (haven’t seen TV in a long time … this additionally repeatedly provides me a nag to pet it – aka be part of)
– Siri (what is that this? OK I’ve heard of it. It is nothing I’ve a use for)
– Messages (i can ship messages to myself? this isn’t on the web … nor do I take advantage of IM apart from for work)
– Photos (no digicam no want)
– Mail (I’ve an app… works nice … and this method cannot get to a MX handle anyway)
– Books (not going to learn books in a headless system)

So, how does one take away these undesired and annoying issues from Our system (and cease the nags from each the apps and my firewall as a result of of safety violations originating within the Mac)?

Thanks for data on the way to rid these useless gadgets from my system and community site visitors.



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