Could Seven Gamers Play Quake On Just One 1996 SGI Machine?

[Linus Tech Tips] undertook a enjoyable experiment just a few years again. By operating a number of digital machines on a single tower PC with tons of RAM and GPUs, it was potential to let seven players play on a single rig without delay. [CelGenStudios] discovered the thought intriguing, and has theorised that the same feat could be possible on mid-1990s Silicon Graphics hardware.

The concept is to make use of the Origin 2000 server as the bottom. These didn’t ship with any type of video output or perhaps a keyboard and mouse interface. However, by substituting within the IO6G module from the Onyx2 machine, and SI graphics playing cards from the Octane, it’s potential to get graphics and enter up and operating. With a number of graphics playing cards and some CAD DUO boards put in by way of a PCI adapter known as the “shoebox”, there’s provisions for as much as 4 separate displays, keyboards and mice. With all this {hardware}, it’s theoretically potential for 4 customers to login to the X server operating within the IRIX OS on the Origin 2000 machine. Then, it’s a easy matter of firing up 4 cases of Quake and a devoted server and also you’re up and gaming.

[CelGenStudios] goes as far as exploring the boundaries of the supercomputer-grade {hardware}, suggesting that 7 gamers or extra might be potential. Unfortunately, SGI {hardware} isn’t straightforward to return by, neither is it low cost, even many years after launch — so so far, the idea stays untested. We’d dearly like to see such a setup occur at QuakeCon or a hacker con, although, so in the event you pull it off, you know how to call. We observe there’s a few Octane 2000s at the Jim Austin Computer Collection, so maybe they is likely to be those to realize the feat.

In the meantime, take a look at a sensible exploration of the idea on trendy {hardware} with the unique [Linus Tech Tips] mission. The primary principle is straightforward – create a massively highly effective PC, with a beefy CPU, loads of RAM, and one graphics playing cards for every of the seven gamers. They run a number of digital machines and managed to ship a full 7 player experience running off just one CPU.

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