Valheim’s dedicated server update appears to break dedicated servers

Valheim‘s newest update features a load of pretty mundane technical adjustments, however they add up to an thrilling factor for dedicated server customers – much less lag. This patch has made adjustments to how connections to dedicated servers work, and whereas that ought to imply a greater expertise on these servers, quite a few gamers at the moment are having points connecting to them in any respect.

“Today’s patch has some big adjustments to dedicated servers,” the devs say within the announcement. “Dedicated servers now all the time use direct connections as an alternative of utilizing Steam Datagram Relay (SDR). This ought to end in a lot decrease latency for many gamers. Private dedicated servers are enabled by including ‘-public 0’ to the server command line.”

The drawback is that gamers at the moment are struggling a ‘disconnected‘ error when making an attempt to join to dedicated servers, and it’s not clear why. Some hosts have had success by uninstalling and reinstalling the server software program – or just rebooting – however not everybody. Others have had success by opening up extra ports – however once more, not everybody.

Players have been reporting the issue in Reddit threads, Steam forum topics, and the official Discord. The devs are actually conscious – there’s an open issue in the official bug tracker – however for now, there’s no clear indication as to what’s inflicting the problem, or when it’s getting mounted.

For now, take a look at how to set up a server in Valheim, and the best Valheim seeds as we await additional Valheim updates. There’s an extended roadmap forward.

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