Lightmeter will soon help you tune up your email server

If you refuse to be tied to a big-name email server, akin to Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo, then you in all probability run your personal mail server. While that requires some technical savvy, you do not must be a pc scientist to do it… till just lately. Lately, 15% of all email messages fail to reach their destination. That’s awful. The new open-source supply monitoring device, Lightmeter, could possibly change these numbers for the higher.

There are many causes for this. One is that spam, powered by botnets such as Emotet, typically overwhelms not simply pissed off customers however overwhelmed email servers as effectively. For these issues, server-based spam filtering applications, akin to SpamTitian, MX GuardDog, or the good-old, do-it-yourself, open-source SpamAssassin are a should. 

Recent email verification techniques akin to Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC), DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) additionally help cease spam from spreading. But they’ve additionally made it tougher to ship email. I run my very own email servers and never a day goes by that I do not see one or the opposite of them fumbling and dropping a reputable message. 

That’s the place Lightmeter is available in. In this early model, the Lightmeter Control Center analyzes Postfix’s — one of the common open-source email servers — mail logs. It then provides you real-time, easy-to-read data on email deliverability. In future variations, you’ll have the ability to simply act on this information from Lightmeter.

Deliverability monitoring and advice capabilities will even be expanded. In addition, community intelligence updates will in future be offered, to allow mail servers predictive upkeep. In brief, you’ll be warned of email site visitors issues earlier than they have an effect on customers. In time, Exim, one other common open-source email server, assist will be added.

Lightmeter Control Center is all open-source and licensed beneath the GNU Affero General Public License v3 (AGPLv3). You can strive it out right now from Docker Hub. Your suggestions and, in fact, pull requests, are welcome on GitLab.

As somebody who will get sick and bored with wrestling with email supply issues, I’m wanting ahead to seeing how Lightmeter builders. This might go an extended approach to make email way more environment friendly than it’s at the moment.

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